Investigation Time!

They landed the ship at the Kyordian Dockyards in Liverpool for an
upgrade to current military standards of their new ship, The Inflamer.
"How quickly can you get the ship upto date?" Johnny asked.
"About 6 hours, but we can't be arsed, so come back day after
"Okay. That suits us fine." Eric replied.
"Hey, you're supposed to bribe me so we can get it done sooner!" Said
the military mechanic.
"Two days is just fine with us," Johnny said, "as we've got some
other business to take care of."
They caught a cab to another set of dockyards a couple of miles away.
They passed a dirty old sign welcoming them to 'Cheap Arse Ship
Building Co'.
"This is the one where the Black Dwarf was built last year. Why
didn't that one get blown up instead?" Eric couldn't understand.
Next to that sign, another one was erected informing that the
building was condemned.
After that, they soon came to another sign welcoming them to 'JMC
Mining Ship Building Co'.
"This is the one we're looking for." Eric said.
They got out of the cab, and walked inside the building.

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