A new mission, and a dangerous one at that.

"I'll be back in a second" he said, taking a couple of steps towards a
weapons locker. Opening it, he pulled out a strange looking sword.
"Jack..." he said, "and my Gunblade".
Right at this moment, all his memories broke through the barrier, and
entered his mind, throwing him against the wall, like a river breaking
through a dam pushes everything out of its way.
<end snip>
Who: Chris & Jenny
When: Just after our last post (memories flooding back)
Where: A military scout ship
Chris walked back towards the Pilots seat, and finding a pilots ID
sitting in the large and comfy chair, opened the window, and threw it
at the guard.
"I'm checkin' out" said Chris, closing his window, and then Quickly
starting up the Scout ship. He put his hand on the handprint
scanner, "ChrisHarris666, security clearance 693825"
he said, waiting for authentication.
At this point, a soft feminine voice whistled through the cockpit.
"Valid Indentification"
"Open the cargo bay doors please?" requested Chris.
"How?" replied the cool feminine voice.
DOORS?" shouted Chris, "BRACE FOR IMPACT"
The ship tore threw the cargo bay doors, and began it's journey to
earth, surprisinly enough, with no pursuit. At which point in time,
somewhere in the cockpit, Chris' mobile phone rang.
"Where is it?" asked Jenny.
"You think I have an idea?" said Chris, searching his pockets until
he found it. Flipping it open and pressing the green button as he
went along. "Hello?" he said, waiting for a response.
"Hello" came the voice of his step-daughter's babysitter, "Your
Superior rang,he says call him as soon as you can, bye"
"Well that was nice wasnt it" said Chris, hanging up and dialing his
boss' number.
"Hello" came his bosses familiar voice.
"New mission?" replied Chris
"We need the new Mcdonalds Army to be eliminated, especially it's new
general and its higher general, and they have some kind of alien
army..hmyenoptera they're called"
"HYMENOPTERA???" shouted Chris.
"Yes, now deal with them, thats an order" finished his boss, hanging
Chris flew the ship back to Earth without further incident,and landed
in the McDonalds HQ car park. He and Jenny got out and walked into a
large hangar bay that belonged to McDonalds. After locking up the
ship obviously.
Chris stepped into a small room within the hangar, with a blacked out
window, there was a large door at the end of the room, Jenny and
Chris moved to seperate sides of the door, with Chris ready to open
the door.
Who: Chris, Jenny, Jack, Callum, John & Efof, and a few hymies
When: same time as a minute ago
where: same place as a minute ago
"3...2...1...GO!"he shouted, opening the door and Jenny rushing in,
Chris quickly followed her and found the small hymenoptera unit,
which were easily dispensed with by the pain of them, and the two
generals that "the boss" spoke of.
Jack quickly pulled a gun outwhich was knocked aside by an arrow from
Chris' bow, burying itself in the barrel, rendering the gun useless.
Jack looked shocked.
"Mr.FeBuggre I believe?" asked Chris.
"Yes, who are you?" replied Jack.
"Thanks for co-operating" said Chris, pushing Jack to the floor and
Drawing his sword, placing the tip of it against his neck.
"congratulations Mr.FeBuggre,you just signed your death warrent" he
finished in a cold and heartless voice.....
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