Re: A new mission, and a dangerous one at that.

"Mr.FeBuggre I believe?" asked Chris.
"Yes, who are you?" replied Jack.
"Thanks for co-operating" said Chris, pushing Jack to the floor and
Drawing his sword, placing the tip of it against his neck.
"congratulations Mr.FeBuggre,you just signed your death warrent" he
finished in a cold and heartless voice.....
Jack looked at the sword, at the Revolver style gun in the hilt. His
eyes glazed over for a second, as the sound of Chris pulling the
hammer brought a memory to his mind.
"Chris? your names Chris, right?" Jack asked, as he felt the tip of
the blade against his neck.
"Yes Jack, The name of your killer is Chris." he said, coldly.
More memories came to Jack as he lay there, how very apt that fate
chose this point for Jacks life to flash before his eyes.
His memories, ones where there is only one personality in his head
moved forward, pushing the personalities into the dormant part of his
mind, where they became effectively non existent. Jack once more
looked up at Chris, a different shine in his eyes.
He raised a hand to his face, and felt where his wound would have
been. "my eye" he said. "what the smeg is going on here" he asked,
looking up at chris.
"Chris, man.. put that thing down! you'll put an eye out with it!" he
joked. Chris let out a small laugh, and obliged, realising what he'd
"woah, sorry... i have no idea whats going on..." he said, offering
Jack a hand, who took it. Chris pulled him up, while they re-joined
"hey honey" Jenny said, as Chris approached. "who's that?" she asked.
"This is Jack, he's a good friend, surprising how we met here..." he said.
The Gods up on high, sat around a map of the world. The God known as
Fate rolled two dice.
"Double six again" she said, "looks like these three are going to win."
ooc: sorry its so short, my mind hasn't been in it recently.

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