Re: Investigation Time!

They caught a cab to another set of dockyards a couple of miles away.
They passed a dirty old sign welcoming them to 'Cheap Arse Ship
Building Co'.
"This is the one where the Black Dwarf was built last year. Why
didn't that one get blown up instead?" Eric couldn't understand.
Next to that sign, another one was erected informing that the
building was condemned. After that, they soon came to another sign
welcoming them to 'JMC Mining Ship Building Co'.
"This is the one we're looking for." Eric said.
They got out of the cab, and walked inside the building.
They walked into the foyer of the large shipbuilding complex owned by
JMC and Eric walked to the reception desk. They signed in as visitors
to the complex and wore those funny little visitor badges. The
receptionist directed them to a room with some files and a computer
that Eric had used when originally investigating the explosion.
"Thankyou Miss," Johnny tried to read the badge, "Viagra."
"Thankyou, have a nice day." The receptionist replied as she turned
to another person waiting at her desk.
They entered the records room, to find that it was covered in some
"It looks like noone's been in here since I investigated the
destruction of the Blue Dwarf four years ago." Eric said.
He tapped a few keys on the keyboard, bringing up a certain file.
"Look, here it says that the person, or persons, somehow managed to
bypass the secrity system, without leaving a trace as to who tampered
with it. That sort of work takes billions of dollars, considering how
high-tech the JMC's security systems are, and the amount of guards
they have. Also, they used a fairly advanced type of C4 and very
refined electronics in the bomb, and the trace of DNA that was
recovered at the scene from a piece of clothing doesn't appear in any
record that the authorities or JMC can access, and with the money JMC
used to try to find the culprit's, they could access even the
blackmarket ones. That points to someone or someones with a lot of
"So, who would have enough money and the access to the right people
to be able to pull it off?" Johnny asked.
"Aside JMC themselves and the UN, probably just MacDonalds, and you
know what they are like."
"Yeah, I still remember when they killed off all the owners of
Kentucky Fried Chicken."
At that moment, an alarm sounded.
"This is an alarm!" A computer's voice came over on the JMC's sound
system. "Stay calm, do not be alarmed, but evacuate the building now.
This is an alarm!"
The computer started to repeat it over and over, above the sound of a
klaxon, with enough blue lights flashing to make a number one disco
hit of the Eighties to be jealous.
Eric quickly logged out of the computer and started to leave the room
with Johnny following. They could hear gunfire in the distance.

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