*Action* "The McDonalds army spread carnage"

*Action* "The McDonalds army spread carnage"
Who: John Smith
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
When: still the alternative 2105
A bulky transport ship flew to Edinburgh Castle and landed atop of
the hill looking over the Scottish city. Hordes of Hymenoptera piled
out of the craft, all armed with the metallic exosuit that equipped
the insect soldiers with dangerous pulse lasers.
John smith nervously walked out of the craft too, dressed in a
general's uniform of the McDonalds corporation army. The army of
insects lined up for him, and he inspected them nervously. Each
soldier was almost twice the height of him, and they twitched
awkwardly as they stood. He was very apprehensive about working with
them, and didn't really want to invade Scotland, but he had nothing
better to do and really didn't want to screw up another job.
"Ok….erm…. attack!" he said. Although the Hymenoptera had no obvious
facial expressions, they seemed to smile, and swarmed down the hill
into the city.
The screams of panic started to flow up the hill, and John Smith
gulped nervously, he wasn't comfortable with sending people to their
deaths. He thought he was alone on the hill, but looked round and
saw one lone Hymenoptera that had stayed behind. It must have been
the squadron leader.
He walked over to it and stood beside.
"So… ummm…. It's a nice day for it"
The Hymenoptera was silent.
There was an explosion in the distance. John shifted uncomfortably.
"So our orders are to destroy all of McDonalds enemies? So that
includes Scottish people….. Subway restaurants….. and Dante Inc? All
in a days work eh?"
The Hymenoptera remained quiet and listened to the screams from the
"It looks like we're doing well!" Said John Smith, trying to
convince himself that what he was doing was a normal thing, but its
not that normal to be pressured into invading a country.
The Hymenoptera looked towards the skies. "WE HAVE RESISTANCE."
John looked through his binoculars, he could see 5 troop
hovercopters coming from the distance. The name on the side
said `Dante Inc.'
Who: Dante and Seymour
Where: Hovercopter above Edinburgh
When: Same time
Dante carefully planned the method of attack for his troops in the
hovercopter. Down below, many explosions made his job more difficult.
Seymour his servant was there shining his shoes and ironing his
"Okay Seymour, we'll stay back and observe the battle from the air.
The McDonalds army would no doubt like to see me dead."
"Sounds good to me sir!" Said Seymour.
Seymour suddenly had a funny feeling, despite him having memories of
being a lowly character for such a long time, he felt that it didn't
feel normal to call anyone `sir'.
Dante's troops were the best money could buy, they were ex British
army that he had bought on Ebay when the army had been broken up.
The hovercopter's landed and the troops piled out, some were shot
straight away, but some took cover and gradually teamed together to
pin the Hymenoptera down.
Who: John Smith
Where: Edinburgh castle
When: Right now
"How are we doing?" Asked John Smith.
"WE WILL KILL THEM ALL" Said the large insect.
"Your confident, I think it might be a bit tight…"
The Hymenoptera turned to him and spoke again through his electronic
"What? I didn't think we had any reinforcements?" said John. "This
is the whole of the McDonalds army…"
"Oh" Said John. The Hymenoptera stared straight at him.
"Erm… okay."
"Right… well…"
"Erm… right…" John reached for his communicator but the large insect
knocked it away, and knocked John to the ground.
John gulped.
Who: Dante and Seymour
Where: Hovercopter above Edinburgh
When: Same time
"It looks a bit messy down there." Said Seymour pointing to all the
destroyed buildings and general carnage.
"Sadly, it's the price we pay for war." Said Dante. "But on the
bright side, I can build at least three new Dante Inc shopping
centres and carparks!"
"Good thinking sir!" Said Seymour.
Suddenly a dark shadow was cast upon their hovercraft.
"What's that?" Asked Dante.
A massive dark shape broke through the clouds, it was a rough
roundish shape, almost like a flat disk, with many organic tendrils
breaking out of each side, making it look like a flattened spider.
The craft descended down on top of the city and stopped half a mile
off the ground.
Dante and Seymour looked up in awe at the massive ship. Seymour
"What the frell is that thing?" Asked Dante.
A central hole opened up in the bottom of the disk and a spray of
scattered green liquid droplets pelted the ground. One green blob
hit the Dante Inc hovercopter and emulsified it with liquid.
"Uuurgh! This is going to stain!" Shouted Seymour, but suddenly
wondered why he was so worried about the rags he was wearing getting
The hovercopter malfunctioned due to the green gooey liquid and fell
to the ground, luckily landing in a pool of the stuff.
Who: John Smith
Where: Edinburgh castle
When: At the same time
John Smith ran as fast as he could from the Hymenoptera, dodging the
bright red lasers that it was firing at him. He even managed to
dodge the large blobs of green goo that were falling from the sky.
John ducked another volley of laser blasts, luckily the Hymenoptera
wasn't too bothered about chasing him, or he'd have no chance to get
away from the 6-legged beast.
As he ran he looked to the ship in the sky. It wasn't firing
anymore. But a large glowing red orb was slowly descending from
inside the ship. The orb dropped, and landed somewhere amongst the
debris that had once been Edinburgh.
From where it dropped came an ear-piercing screeching noise…
Who: Efof, Callun, Jack, Chris Harris and Jenny
Where: A McDonalds prison, guarded by Hymenoptera, another city
When: Same time as the carnage outside
After Jack and Chris had recognised each other, they had all been
overpowered by Hymenoptera soldiers working for McDonalds and thrown
in one of their prison cells.
After a day of pacing the cell, things were now changing.
There was a lot of commotion and sounds of destruction coming from
outside. The cell they were in shook and the Hymenoptera Guard was
hit by a falling breezeblock from the roof.
Another blast knocked out the power to the forcefield, and they
escaped to the outside of the building.
"What's going on?" Asked Jack. Looking around at the destruction.
Callum pointed up at the large ship firing at them from the sky.
Hymenoptera warriors ran amok in the distance.
"This isn't good!" Said Chris Harris.
Efof shuddered. "This is what it must have looked like when my
planet was attacked!"
Who: Dante and Seymour
Where: Edinburgh
When: After the hovercopter crashed
Seymour dragged himself out from the wreckage of the crashed
hovercopter. He brushed himself down and looked around at the
carnage. Suddenly he remembered Dante, and checked back in the
wreckage for him.
"I recognise these aliens!" Said Seymour looking around at the dead
Hymenoptera, and the live ones still running around fighting with
Dante's army.
Dante picked up a bakukoid from a dead soldier in front of him and
put it under his arm. He fired a couple of rounds at a Hymenoptera
who had pinned down a squadron of his men.
"You're pretty handy with that thing!" Said Seymour. "I thought you
were just a business tycoon, not a soldier?"
"Hmm, yes… there is something very familiar about being in combat
situations like this!"
He fired some more, then held his gun in the air and shouted "For
Queen and Country!!!"
"Queen?" Said Seymour, remembering his previous job on the Blue
Dwarf as if it was a dream. "I feel a strange desire to please the
Queen too…"
As they moved through the destroyed streets, Seymour stopped when a
large red orb blocked their path. It was three times taller than
both of them put together.
"What is it?" Asked Seymour.
Dante bravely touched it and leaped away. "Its moving! I think its
an egg of some kind."
"An egg. But its so big…… uh oh!" Said Seymour.
The red egg started to crack, and a long tendril burst through its
shell, lifting the top off the rest of the egg.
Dante stood back and started to blast the egg with his weapon,
succeeding in only freeing the large creature from its shell.
All that was left was a massive beetle, which shook its back end and
raised itself up onto its hind legs before stomping off over the
rest of the city.
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