Efof - "Special Delivery"

Who: Efof Yuwan'Kar
Where: Flight Deck
When: After the Mission briefing
Efof looked expectantly at the oversized football he had positioned
in the centre of the flight deck. He looked at the larger Blue
Midget shuttle which was stood at full height, towering over the
football. The Blue Midget moved with a mechanical whine of it's
rusty leg hinges towards the ball.
"Okay play!" He shouted and kicked the football at the Blue Midget.
The Midget moved slowly to try and kick the ball, which went
straight under its legs. The Midget turned around to follow the
ball, but Efof was already running for it. He stopped the ball and
looked around to see the huge Midget shuttle running towards him. He
quickly kicked the ball forward out of the path of the large robotic
legs, being tackled by this large mechanical beast could be
extremely bad for your health.
The Midget ran after him, but Efof turned and dodged again, he was
just too small and nimble for the giant robot. The end was in sight,
he could see the goal, but the Midget was right behind him, it
accidentally stood on the back of his trainer, almost tripping the
Ffionian and ripping his shoe but he was determined to score so kept
Efof kicked the ball as hard at he could and it sailed along the
flight deck, through the flight entry tunnel, where the low gravity
in this section helped it to sail all the way to the end, where it
crossed through a low-power forcefield and into open space.
The Blue Midget behind him tried to stop suddenly but caught itself
up on its own legs, and tripped. The huge bulk of heavy machinery
creaked and toppled to the floor. Efof dived out of the way and
rolled to avoid the crunch of about 5 tonnes of metal shuttle
falling on him.
The shuttle cabin smoked and a rather pissed-off looking Johnny B
Goode got out.
"Oh crap!" Said Johnny.
Efof smirked. "Haha, I win again! Face it, those shuttles just don't
have the manoeuvrability!"
"Its not that! Its just what are we going to tell Jay, we're
supposed to be refitting the weapons arrays on these shuttles, not
destroying them!!!"
"Ah yeah."
"And we're jumping into highly dangerous enemy territory very soon,
we need those shuttles!" Panicked Johnny.
"Ah yeah." Said Efof.
Communications officer Farkas Vanth appeared on the screen closest
to them and the smoking shuttle. "Efof, we're expecting a delivery
from an interstellar courier to that shuttlebay in 2 minutes. Take
care of it will you."
"No problem." Efof gave a thumbs up to Vanth and rubbed his hands
together gleefully. "Its about time, this is just what I've been
waiting for!"
"Oh?" Enquired Johnny. "Is it for you?"
"Yes I've been expecting an order from Space Corps R+D for some
time. They've sent me some new technology to trial."
"Sent YOU some new technology?!" Asked Johnny. "But you're not even
an official member of the Space Corps – they don't officially
recognise aliens."
"Ummm, well yeah. I wrote them a request form and signed
it `Ambassador Seymour Niples', I'm sure he won't mind!"
The courier ship entered the shuttlebay they were in and landed, it
dropped off a large box about 5 metres long. Efof forged Seymour's
signature happily and the courier man didn't even question the extra
2 arms or the bulging forehead.
"Thankyou mister Nipples." He said, getting back into the ship.
"NIPLES!" Said Efof, mimicking Seymour.
The ship left, leaving the large box in the middle of the flight
"So what is it?" Asked Johnny.
Efof grinned. "I'm not telling!"
<OOC - to be continued...>

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