Efof - "Our new toy" Pt1

The courier ship entered the shuttlebay they were in and landed, it
dropped off a large box about 5 metres long. Efof forged Seymour's
signature happily and the courier man didn't even question the extra
2 arms or the bulging forehead.
"Thankyou mister Nipples." He said, getting back into the ship.
"NIPLES!" Said Efof, mimicking Seymour.
The ship left, leaving the large box in the middle of the flight
"So what is it?" Asked Johnny.
Efof grinned. "I'm not telling!"
<end snip>
Who: Seymour Niples
Where: Ambassadorial Suit
The Ambassador woke up with a start. He rubbed his face and got up
off his 4 poster bed – which he hadn't necessarily slept IN the last
night, more of ON. He was fully clothed and had seemed to collapse
on there before falling asleep.
The room span as he fumbled his way to the bathroom. He opened the
wrong door in his huge room, this particular one lead to the
overgrown hydroponics deck – which was now like an overgrown jungle.
A green vine grabbed him by the throat and he struggled to free
himself. He pulled the vine off and slammed the door. Now he
remembered why he didn't go in that door.
He found the bathroom and rubbed water in his eyes. Slowly, the
events of the previous day came to haunt him, but they were
fragmented and twisted. The last thing he really remembered was
taking some pills prescribed by the nutter psychologist with the
spiky hair. Then he had acted very strange to many people, many of
whom he now felt needed an apology, although most of them were mere
commoners, so he didn't care too much. Although he was worried that
he had lowered the opinion of himself in the eyes of many people,
and for that to happen to a Royal Ambassador was catastrophic.
Although it was too early, and his brain was already too fuzzy, the
personalities in his brain already started to argue. The posh
ambassador in him had lost respect from the crew, and the chav in
his worried that he had lost his street cred. The personalities
bickered in his mind, so Seymour sighed and poured himself a cup of
tea. He picked up the Pills he had been given, labelled "TLC" and
grunted at them, throwing them into the bin.
As the tea brewed, he checked the mail which printed instantly from
his computer.
He threw away the spam and penis enlargement requests and paused at
a letter from the Space Corps R+D. He opened it and read
it. "Thankyou for your request to test the new V13 Auto 6 Speed
ORV." He read aloud.
"V13 Auto 6 Speed ORV?" He repeated. "What in the Queen's name is a
V13 Auto 6 Speed ORV???!!!"
He read further. "As a Royal Ambassador, you are not considered our
normal clientele in which to loan equipment such as this to, so we
had to look into your background and the head of Space Corps R+D
arranged a meeting with the Queen. As he came back with a very big
smile on his face and a brand new appreciation of the British
monarchy, we are delighted to loan you this equipment for use on the
JMC Blue Dwarf."
At the bottom of the document was Seymour's unique Space Corps
security number and copy of signature. But he really couldn't
remember signing for it, even in his delirious state the previous
He thought about who would have his security number, then instantly
remembered that he gave it to Efof to use to order him some Lavender
potpourri from eBay, so that he didn't look TOO namby-pamby.
Seymour scowled and headed down to the flight deck, where he knew
Efof would be.
Who: Efof Yuwan'Kar, Johnny B Goode and Mk6
Where: Flight deck
When: After Seymour had his tea
"So what is it?!" asked the excited Johnny.
Efof stood in front of the huge crate that had been dropped off, it
still remained unopened, but Mk6 had been recruited to open it. A
small spinning disk extended from the bored-looking scutter's casing
and cut through the nails on the crate.
Efof looked smugly at the other two. Knowing what was inside, and
being rather proud of it.
"So what is it?!" Asked Johnny again, eager to see inside the crate.
"Wait, its opening now!" Said Efof. The front of the crate creaked
and dropped off, everyone had to take a step back as to not be
squashed. The first thing they saw was packaging. Many millions of
small bits of packaging Styrofoam spilled out at their feet,
completely covering MK6.
"So what is it?!" asked Johnny, more confused now that all he could
see was Styrofoam. Mk6's head popped up from the Styrofoam snowdrift.
Efof grinned and dived into the thick wall of packaging, then
completely disappeared from view- much to the shock of Johnny and
Mk6. A few moments of silence later, Johnny considered following
Efof into the large box of foam, when a soft purring came from
within. Then the purring turned into a growl, a loud mechanical
From within the box, blinding spotlights turned on and shone
outside, straight into Johnny's eyes, which he immediately shielded.
Mk merely turned the contrast down on his optical sensors.
Then the Styrofoam came towards them, something inside the box was
coming out. It leaped out of the box and almost flattened Johnny, he
ht the deck and it covered him on foam. By the time he got up and
looked around, the offending object had screeched around the other
side of the box, and was coming around for him again.
MK6 wheeled as fast as it could for cover, and Johnny peered around
the crate.
It was a car, a buggy to be more accurate. An all-terrain, off road
vehicle to me even more precise. But Johnny didn't have much time to
be either, as it was coming straight towards him. He felt his life
flash before his eyes and his bowels flash into his pants.
The car screeched to a stop inches in front of him, untouching him
but spraying him with white packing foam.
"Oi you big nancy, I've got foam in my eyes now!"
Efof got out of the car and modelled it. "So what do you think?!"
Mk6 came out of hiding and had a look around the machine. It was big
and tough, and already had a fair few scratches – presumably either
from transport, or the scientists at Space Corps R+D had been
doughnutting it around the research labs.
"This is a V13 Auto 6-Speed all-terrain off road vehicle" Said Efof
proudly as if it was his baby already. "It can handle most planet
surfaces, is ideal for getting around on away missions, and can go
really really fast!"
Mk6 toured around the vehicle's large wheels. "This is what we've
needed for a long long while! I could never get the hang of rocky
planet surfaces", he said, pointing to his flat base.
MK6 pulled himself up inside the vehicle and plugged himself into
the circuitry. "Hey don't go messing with the circuitry already, its
still brand new!" Said Efof.
"Pffft, I know what I'm doing!" Said MK6 as he received a small
electric shock and the engine rumbled and started. "Oh yeah…" he
said in pleasure, feeling like part of the car.
Johnny stroked the car's hull and wheels. "I'm impressed Efof. But
there's one problem. Doesn't this in theory belong to Seymour?"
"Erm… well… yes I guess it does, but lets hope he doesn't find out
"Hop in guys!" Said Mk6. They did so and the scutter turned around
to them. "Look, no hands!" He said as the car did a 3 point turn and
started to accelerate down the launch tunnel in the massive flight
As Mk6 was plugged into the car, he was effectively using thought
control to steer it. He dodged left and right to avoid cargo boxes,
Efof and Johnny clung on for dear life in the back.
"I think I'm going to be sick!" Said Johnny.
"Faster faster!" Said Efof.
"Space Corps R+D really packed this thing full of gadgetry!" Said MK
6. "Look at this!"
He blinked and large afterburners unfolded from the back, propelling
them faster.
The shot down the launch tunnel at incredible speeds. It was
probably the same speed as a Blue Midget or Space Eagle launching,
but with this vehicle's open top and side, the wind in your hair
made it feel so much faster.
Then, Efof noticed the end of the flight deck runway was getting
closer. The main hanger doors were wide open, allowing them to see
space and stars outside. A forcefield was in place of course to hold
the air inside, but it was only low level, they could easily pass
right through it and into space.
"We're gonna die!!!" Said Johnny.
Mk6 looked cool and grinned.
<to be continued! Or if Johnny or MK6 want to continue this before
I post next, feel free!>

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