\"Our new toy\" Pt2

This is a JP between Dave and myself
Who: Efof, Mk6, Johnny
Where: Flight Deck, in the new vehicle
A force field was in place of course to hold
the air inside, but it was only low level, they could easily pass
right through it and into space.
"We're gonna die!!!" Said Johnny.
Mk6 looked cool and grinned.
<end snip>
Efof, having managed to haul himself into the front seat, started
pushing buttons wildly, hoping to avoid their impending doom.
As he frantically pressed the last button before they hurled through
the weak force field and into space, the vehicle suddenly changed
direction - upwards. Compressed air jets had lifted them upwards
where they spun, twisted and flipped into the direction they had
just come.
Efof, who had closed his eyes in fear, now opened them to see that
they were in fact now facing the other way. He sighed in relief.
But something felt wrong. The ground in front of them was slightly
different. And his head was feeling funny. And he considered it odd
that Johnny was doing a handstand on top of the car's rollbar and
Efof looked up and realized he was actually looking down. The car
had parked itself on the metal ceiling of the flight deck's launch
Efof wasn't affected by the gravity, as he was belted in, but Johnny
was almost falling out.
"Aww! What did you do that for?" complained Mk.6. "I was pushing
"Yes, well that's all good and well, but incase you haven't noticed,
I AM hanging on for my life here!"
"Ok, just give me a second." said Mk.6 sounding slightly
His red eye blinked for a second and then they were suddenly racing
back into the ship at the same speed at which they were racing out
no more than a minute ago. Several retro jets emerged from the
vehicle's frame and moved it down the wall till it was on the ground.
Johnny had finally been able to pull himself into an upright
position, and, anticipating more antics from the crazed scutter,
decided that buckling himself in would be a good idea at this point.
As they tore around the flight deck in the new vehicle, Seymour
entered through the sliding double doors in a furious rage.
"Efof come here at once!" Said the Royal Ambassador.
"What have I told you about forging my signiature!" he said.
Efof sped by in the offroad vehicle and just got chance to
shout "But everyone does it on Ffion!"
"Look you bloody martian, people don't just go around signing things
as other people just so they can get experimental new equipment!"
"Oh, come on Seymore," called out Mk.6, "What's the harm?" and
started doing doughnuts around him.
Mk.6, his cruel streak starting to come through, blinked and armed
the gatling guns, aiming them at Seymore's feet.
"Come on, dance!" he said and opened fire on him.
"I'll see you fired for this!" yelled Seymore at the buggy, now
circling round him firing short bursts at his feet, causing him to
jump into the air, much to the delight to the scutter, now in the
mechanical equivalent of ecstasy.
"Haha, who's getting fired?" Said Mk6.
Seymour jumped up and down angrily, and worried that they would
shoot his new chino black leather shoes he'd just polished.
Efof leaned out of the car saying "I'm sorryyyyy". But smirking at
Seymour at the same time.
After a while of being taunted, Seymour's rage boiled- then suddenly
in his mind something clicked. His other personality kicked in, the
one not so worried about his polished leather shoes, and more
concerned about looking cool.
Mk6 gave up shooting at Seymour's feet and sped around the flight
deck again, ramming into boxes full of spare shuttle parts. Seymour
looked again at the vehicle.
"That's a pretty cool car..." he thought to himself. "And hangon....
if Efof signed for it in my name.... then it's MINE!"
Mk6 pulled up beside Seymour to pose in the car. Seymour merely
looked at the vehicle in admiration.
"Sleek design, nice paintwork, good suspension... wicked Gatling
guns!!" he said. Then he turned to Mk6 in the drivers seat. "Let me
drive it!"
"Wha?" Said Mk6, but before he knew it, Seymour was clinging onto
the car. Mk6 sped forward, with seymour still clinging on. "Let me
drive it, it's mine! I could pull so many laydees with this!" he
"Get off!" Said Mk6.
"Oh, come on. It was MY signature on the paperwork. ie. this vehicle
is MINE."
"Smeg, I was afraid of that." said Efof balefully
"Ok, but only for a bit." said Mk.6 cautiously.
"YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" exclaimed Seymore and leapt into the
drivers seat, kicking the scutter out of the way, who fired several
shots at him in anger.
All four of them spent a good hour playing with the new vehicle
untill Jay's voice came over a klaxon.
"Hey, you guys got the Blue Midgets ready yet?"
"Oh smeg!" said Efof and Johnny in unison, "We were supposed to be
prepping the midgets!"
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