Seymours Stick Control *Innuendo Intentional*

Who: Seymour, Mk6, Efof and Johnny
Where: Flight Deck
***JP by Seymour *dave* and Jenny *Cassy* have Fun!***
"YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" exclaimed Seymore and leapt into the drivers
seat, kicking the scutter out of the way, who fired several shots at
him in anger. All four of them spent a good hour playing with the new
vehicle untill Jay's voice came over a klaxon.
"Hey, you guys got the Blue Midgets ready yet?"
"Oh smeg!" said Efof and Johnny in unison, "We were supposed to be
prepping the midgets!"
<end snip>
Everyone got out of the car and got back to work except Seymour, who
revved up the engine and called out to them. "So long suckers!" He
drive towards the double doors to exit the shuttlebay.
"What the hell are you doing Seymour?!" Shouted Efof.
"I'm off to make use of this babe magnet of a machine!" The Ambassador
shouted back, with his completely irrational and "cool" personality
fully taking over his brain.
"You can't go driving around the ship in that thing you cock!" Shouted
Johnny. "Its too big to fit down the corridors!"
Efof nodded in agreement and chased after the car. But Seymour had
already got it wedged in-between the exit doors. Efof could see
Seymour scratching his head, then he pressed a button and the
afterburners engaged, throwing Efof backwards onto Mk6. There was the
sound of scraping metal and the off-road vehicle disappeared through
the doors.
The doors closed but the sound of scraping metal could be heard as the
car squeezed its way down the corridor. Efof cringed.
Several minutes of scraped paintwork later, a lift door opened, and
issued forth even more scraping sounds as the vehicle powered its way
through the door and into the promenade. Seymour grinned as he saw
quite a few women looking rather single wandering around, carrying bag
loads of shopping, most of it clothes. he stopped suddenly, and umped
out of the car, leaning on it, posing horribly.
"Hey baby, wanna go for a ride?" he asked, pushing his hair to the
side, as Jenny walked out of a neaby shop. She looked at him, and
raised an eyebrow.
"frankly, i'd rather stick a fork in my eye" she said truthfully, and
walked off towards the lift.
"Come on!" seymour called, jumping back in the buggy and tearing off
after her, revving the engine loudly. Jenny stopped, and let him
catch up.
"do you have any idea how little i think of you? i've thought of
people i've never met more than you! and the way you're trashing that
clutch just makes me think you're stupid
!" she yelled at him, women all around stared, and giggled to
"come on, whats wrong with one ride?" Seymour asked, catching up
again. Jenny looked down to the bags in her hands, and thought of how
tiring it is walking back with this amount of stuff.
"well, i suppose it can't hurt..." she said, taking complete advantage
of a chance to not have to walk. She stepped around the buggy, and
got in.
"well, it's not too bad" she said, putting her bags in the huge
storage compartment in the back.
"Ok! here we go!!" Seymour yelled, throwing the gear stick towards first.
The car shuddered, and stopped, the battery light appearing on the
dash board, and no more enigne sounds indicated he'd stalled it.
"Uhh, surely you're supposed to start in first gear" Jenny said, and
started laughing.
Seymour went slightly red, and moved it into first gear properly,
before starting the engine again. sounds of people laughing around
them became obvious, Seymour didn't look
around, as he was too embarassed, but Jenny could see everyone on the
promenade pointing and laughing at seymour, she felt the need to join
in, but thought against it.
A moderately quiet motor buzzed through their ears, as a mobility
scooter 'zoomed' passed them, the old lady sat on it leant over to
seymour as she passed "you've been done mate!" she taunted,
disappearing slowly into the distance.
This time, the buggy roared to life, and sent the occupants hurtling
towards the lift..
or at least it would have done, if Seymour was any good at stick
control *Innuendo completely intended* A nasty grinding sound issued
forth from the engine, slowing the vehicle to a near stop, before
seymour finally got it back into gear, and got them both to the lift.
"thanks for that" jenny said, giggling. "though i think i would've
got here faster had i walked" she added, trying to stop herself from
laughing hysterically at seymour. She stopped in front of the lift,
and thought to herself "why?" before turning back to seymour, and
pointing at him, laughing like her life depended on it, before
stopping suddenly, and waving goodbye to him, closing the lift door
behind her.
"what a smeghead...." she said as the door opened on her floor, She
walked off to her room, and collapsed on the sofa, laughing hysterically.

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