Re: Seymours Stick Control *Innuendo Intentional*

Who: Jay, Mk6, Efof and Johnny
Where: Flight Deck
This time, the buggy roared to life, and sent the occupants hurtling
towards the lift, or at least it would have done, if Seymour was any
good at stick control *Innuendo completely intended* A nasty
grinding sound issued forth from the engine, slowing the vehicle to a
near stop, before seymour finally got it back into gear, and got them
both to the lift.
<end snip>
"Alright guys, that's enough messing around, I'm gonna see that Alota
docks you thre an hour's pay." Said Jay, a little annoyed.
"In a minute, please," Johnny pleaded, "as Mk6 and I rigged up this
remote control to Seymour's buggy."
jay thought for a moment and replied "Okay, but be quick. Holly, can
you bring vision of Seymour on screen? Thanks Hol."
"No problem dudes."
"How's the remote control work?" Efof asked.
"Well, I changed the program while I was connected to it. Thans to
the mircale of bluetooth, I can connect to it from 5 meteres away
from the buggy, or 5 metres from any bluetooth relay, which are
thankfully all over the ship. This means I can still control it
whenever I want." Mk6 had a very evil look for a scutter.

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