*Action* "The dead system"

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Who: The Blue Dwarf
Where: The hymie home system
When: Now
The Drive Room was full of activity as the Blue Dwarf emerged from
its wormhole to what should be the busiest section of the entire
hymenoptera empire. Alota sat at the centre of the room her eyes
transfixed on a monitor screen.
"We have cleared the wormhole," came Jays voice from the main
navigational controls.
"Shutting down wormhole drive!". Said Efof from a nearby computer
console. Alota stood up and walked across the room towards the
tactical console.
"Red Alert! All hands to battle stations... Prepare to engage the
enemy". She shouted preparing herself for the thousands of hymie
ships which were almost certainly waiting for them. Then Wowbagger
announced a startling discovery...
"Um... ma'am... I don't think we have to."
"Why not doctor?" Alota replied, "By our best calculations we're
bang in the middle of enemy territory so there must be an entire
fleet of hymies out there!"
"Well that's the thing ma'am," He continued as he checked his
scanners again. "There IS an entire fleet of hymies out there... but
they're all dead."
"What?!?" Rather than try to explain to the shocked Captain and the
rest of the disbelieving bridge crew Dr. Wowbagger simply activated
the driveroom's main viewer revealing a picture of what was outside.
An ocean of Hymonoptran ships, wreckages and debris floating
around. "How many of em' are out there" she asked shocked by what
she was seeing.
"Over 10 thousand," Wowbagger replied. "No survivors."
"What about the planet?" Wowbagger checked his scanners again just
to be sure before he replied to latest question.
"Its been destroyed ma'am, the entire planet has been blasted into
"Who, or What could do this to the hymies?" Alota asked herself, the
entire bridge crew paused for a moment, asking themselves the same
question before Phil finally broke the silence...
"Whoever they were all I can say is good on em'!" Once again there
was silence before Wowbagger continued with his assessment.
"Ma'am, I am reading a second M-class planet nearby. It appears to
have been heavily bombarded with missile fire but there is still one
structure intact, it looks like a nuclear bunker of some sort.
Probably some sort of tunnelling system underground like ants
build." Alota turned he attention to the scanner readouts, trying to
work out what they meant.
"Are there any survivors inside?"
"I can't tell, the tunnel is located under half a mile of solid
rock." Alota nodded as she took this information in, and then looked
at Jay.
"You can't be serious!" He said, she hadn't said anything yet but
Jay knew his wife well enough to tell what she was thinking. "You
can't send anyone down to a Hymenoptera planet, there could be
millions of flippin' insects down there!"
"We have to," She replied. "We have to know what the hell happened
"If I may ma'am?" Wowbagger interrupted. "If you do decide to send a
team down ma'am then you should know that although the base is
heavily damaged there are still some anti-air turrets in operation
on the surface. We won't be able to get a shuttle within 25km of the
"No problem," Alota replied. "Jay, you Phil, Harris, Wowbagger and
Kochanski will head down to the surface. Amber and Dean will drop
you outside the Turrets sensor range and you'll make the rest of
your way on foot.
Everyone groaned at the thought of having to walk. "By… `on foot'
you don't happen to mean by Blue Midget foot?" said Phil hopefully.
He liked the idea of being in a tall walking robot, where he could
step on the Hymenoptera and squash them like bugs.
"A Blue Midget, especially the Phoenix may attract too much
attention." Said Alota. "Its best to walk."
Efof piped up at this point. "Actually Captain, we do have something
better! We've just received a new ground vehicle from Space Corps
R+D, it'd be perfect. It's fast, nimble and armed to the teeth."
"As long as I can drive!" Said Mk6, popping out from some scutter
maintenance cat flap. "We'll see!" Said Efof and Jay together, then
scowled at each other. "Although we may have trouble getting it away
from Seymour at the moment."
"Yes sir" Everyone groaned, and with that everyone left for the
flight deck where they knew CK already was.
Where: Flight Deck
When: Short time after the meeting
Who: Jay, Dean, Phil, CK, Mk6, Seymour, Wowbagger, Efof and Harris
Efof, Dean and Phil all had to wrestle Seymour away from the car as
he screamed "No! No! It's mine! I want it to look even MORE popular!"
He kicked and screamed.
"Bloody hell, I think I preferred Seymour when he was a posh twat."
Said Phil. "At least I didn't have to wrestle him to the ground
"Don't say that! He still IS a posh twat sometimes, he has some kind
of split personality thing now." Said Harris. "The thing is, both of
them are just as annoying!"
They tried to drag Seymour away but he started biting.
"Shall we just let him come with us?" Asked Phil.
"Good idea, he might get eaten by some Hymenoptera if we're lucky."
Said Harris.
Seymour waited in the car and Efof set to patching up the paintwork
that Seymour had scratched on the corridors.
"Hey this car needs a name." Said Efof to Mk6 beside him. "Any
"Something fast?" Suggested Mk6.
"Bit obvious… but suggest something."
"Something other than the noise it makes!"
"Oh erm… well, we're going on a mission to a Hymenoptera planet. So
something like `Bug Killer'?"
"Too lame," Said Efof. "Think of another word for bug killer."
"RAID?" Suggested Amber, popping up behind them.
They stared blankly at her. "It was a joke!" She said. "Like RAID,
the bug spray?"
Efof and Mk6 looked at each other. "R.A.I.D!" said Efof.
"Rapid Alien Insect Destroyer!" said Mk6.
"Yes!!!" Said Efof.
Where: The remaining Hymenoptera Planet
When: Later
Who: Jay, Dean, Phil, CK, Mk6, Seymour, Wowbagger, Harris
The Raven cut through the stormy atmosphere of the Hymenoptera
planet. The entire planet was covered in a thick storm cloud,
probably from the proximity of the destroyed planet so close.
The Raven through between dark clouds that shook the ship with
lightning. Large chunks of rock from the destroyed planet rained
down constantly from the sky, exploding on the ground around them.
The Raven landed on the ground, amongst the asteroid craters. The
low thunder of collisions and flak fire from the Hymenoptera turrets
made a constant loud rumbling across the landscape.
Dean landed and opened the Raven's rear cargo bay door. The RAID
drove straight out of the back and paused as the Raven's engines re-
engaged and it headed back up through the stormy sky.
The team in the RAID drove in the direction of the underground
tunnel. As they headed out across the landscape, they saw the many
bodies of dead Hymenoptera laid out and piled on top of each other.
"What the hell happened here?" Asked Jay.

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