Prepare for take off

Prepare for take off
Idwal Everrett  Mining Engineer
Victoria de Felice Chief Geologist NPC
Various Droids
The Mining Store
Idwal was playing with a 30 tonne Scarab earth mover and a pile of sand when the ship lurched out of the wormhole and into Hymopterian space.  The comm in the Scarabs cab flickered into life and the haggard features of Dr Victoria de Felice, the chief geologist appeared, wreathed as ever in a cloud of cheroot smoke. 
"Hey Tiger!" she slurred, Idwal could make out the Bourbon bottle behind the pile of paperwork. "I got work for you!"  There was a long, long pause as the good doctor coughed, then spat of into the corner off camera. "Damn droids!" she managed at last "Never catch a goddam thing!"   Idwal thought she had forgotten he was there.
"What was the job?" he asked
"Oh! there you are!  Goddamit I've been trying to find you!"
"And now you have." said Idwal "So tell me. what's this job?"
"AH ....yes Seems we've landed in some bug hole where the planets hit the fan. Literally!"
"The planet's hit the fan?" repeated a confused Idwal
"Yep! tonnes and tonnes of geological crap just spread out around us like pig shit in a pen." Confirned the doctor "And"
And?" asked Idwal as the doctor appeared to nod off
"Er...Oh yes!  And we need a full analysis of the debris. Could be some useful stuff up for grabs."
"Okay" said Idwal.  Relieved actually to have something positive to occupy his time.  What shall I use to collect the stuff?"
"Hell baby that's your decision!" retorted the doc and cut the link.
Idwal shrugged and then smiled.  A free hand! He could choose any damn vehicle he liked! He turned back to the stores and woke up a store droid.
"What's the fastest, best armed and most kick ass piece of machinery you have parked in here?" he asked.  The droid scanned its internal memory and then said
"The Mark Nine Eight O Eight Turbo Shuttle with auto arm and self defence logic."
"Great!" said Idwal  " I'll take it!"
The droid offered up a bunch of keys and a plastrip. "Sign for the keys and read the waiver"
Idwal scribbled his name and scanned the waiver. It read
Please Note: Keyholders are responsible for the safe maintainance and upkeep of the vehicle. Please use withing prescribed parameters at all times. Display and Use of furry dice is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
Idwal handed the signed plastrip back.  "Just get the mining bay space access door cleared for take off!" he said as he headed for the machine he had just signed for.

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