Robotica (Viewpoint 3 of 4)

Who: Trisees and Rufus:
Where: Running
"Hurry! Hurry!" said Lawrence Trisees as Rufus Cleavage panted behind
him, trying to keep up with the speed of the now machine enhanced
scientist who seemed to be trying to set a new land speed record
aboard the confines of a space ship.
"Come Rufus!" he stated again, still pelting down the corridor at near
full speed.
Rufus tried to reply, but the breath in his lungs had vanished about
thirty nine feet earlier when they'd first left the recovery room. He
stopped for a moment and hunched over, resting his hands on his knees
and breathing heavily.
Trisees heard this and skidded to a halt, spinning on his heels and
striding back to Rufus, not a bead of sweat to be seen.
"What's wrong?" he asked the junior scientist.
"Too fast...can't keep....up," Rufus managed to force.
Trisees smiled and patted his compatriot on the back.
"Come Rufus. Draw strength in what we're about to do. We're going to
save them. We'll put it right! Their lives were lost for reasons
that should never have happened and we have a chance to fix it!"
Trisees stood up straight and began running again. Rufus sighed and
did his best to keep up with the, he now believed, insane man.
Trisees turned around the corner and noticed his good friend, Charles
Keto appearing to stare down a fish. He shouted loudly to his friend
as the good doctor turned around.
"Trisees? You're awake?" Keto asked.
"NO TIME CHARLES!" Trisees shouted loudly, grabbing hold of the
doctors arm and dragging him away from the aquarium. "We need to get
to the medibay!"
"Why?" Keto asked him.
Trisees smiled inside, he knew how pleased Charles would be to get
back the two members of his medical team. Their group had been sorely
lacking a couple of members for a very long time.
Trisees ignored their conversation as he strode with great
determination to the medibay.
They arrived at it a few minutes later to see his arch nemesis,
Jennifer Wildflower, sitting on a medibed looking concerned with
another crewmember.
"What's up guys?" Wildflower asked, breaking the silence.
"No time to lose!" he stated bouncily. "We're planning a rescue!"
<end of viewpoint>

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