Back in the Day (Viewpoint 4 of 4)

Where: Oche Dwarf
Hazel Coffey and William Shakespeare held each other tightly.
Explosions, fires and warning klaxons could be heard in all directions
from where they were cowering. They were kneeling in the science
department of the Ochre Dwarf and the whole ship was coming down
around them.
Lawrence Trisees, clutching a stump of a right arm with his left hand,
stood next to them trying to stem the flow of blood.
"We've only one choice," Shakespeare said. "We have to use the machine."
"But it only has enough power for one person!" said Trisees.
Coffey hit the button to switch it on and input the codes for the Blue
Dwarf's dimension. A small blue shimmering portal appeared in the
centre of the room and grew to the size of six foot. Its skin
pulsated and shone brightly, bathing the whole room in a cool cerulean
"There's no choice," said Coffey. "You have to go!" She lunged
forward and hit Trisees, causing him to stumble forward.
He turned on his heel as he tripped and fell towards the portal.
Coffey sat back down with Shakespeare and hugged her lover, smiling
sadly as Trisees could only fall into the dimensional gateway.
"Good luck Lawrence!" she shouted.
He barely had enough time to look shocked as he was enveloped by the
rift in the space time continuum and the Ochre Dwarf vanished from view.
Its power depleted, the gateway closed itself up and left Shakespeare
and Coffey alone in the self destructing ship.
As the explosions rocked the bay Coffey kissed her blind lover.
"I love you William," she said.
"I love you too Hazel," he replied.
There was a final explosion and the Ochre Dwarf tore itself in two.
<end of viewpoint>

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