OOC - Website Update

OOC- Hello to all you crazy Blue Dwarf members!!
Just a notice to let you know that i've been doing a bit of work on
the BD website the past few days.
New stuff added are:
- New Desktop downloads section (some really cool desktops here, I
have one on my laptop right now and it looks
great!) 'www.bluedwarf.co.uk/fundownloads/desktops'
- Gallery section for the R.A.I.D added
- New animation added to 'Videos' section
('www.bluedwarf.co.uk/videos/') for a new maintenance robot
the 'Peewee' which I want to start mentioning in stories.
- Seymour's chav page! (Just some general mocking fun of Chav types!)
Enjoy! If anyone has any recommendations for the site, let me know :-
-Onion, BD GM

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