Blackmail... Keto style.

Who: Jenny and keto
where: abouts...
when: roughly 2 weeks from the BIG party in which jenny and
seymour... you know....
laying in bed, Jenny rolled over, unable to sleep. Thoughts of the
now two nights in which something unwanted had happened, and neither
of them she could really explain. Eventually, she drifted into an
uneasy sleep, dreaming of future possibilities.
"Wakey wakey, rise and shine!" Came Holly's annoying voice breaking
the silence of the room, Jenny's alarm call woke her with a start,
instantly, she felt something was wrong, she clutched at her stomach
and groaned.
Her eyes opened wide, as she felt something that made her get out of
bed really fast, and run into the bathroom full pelt.
"Okay, 2nd morning in a row... I'm going to see the docs" she told
herself, having a quick shower and departing for the medibay.
Upon arriving, she saw several people she'd never met before, though
she did recognise Keto in the group. Walking into the medibay, Keto
turned to her,
"Hello there, something wrong?" he asked instinctively, "whatever it
is, i'm sure i have some ointment for it" he added, smiling
wickedly. Now Jenny hadn't been part of the crew for long, yet even
she had heard about the infamous collection of ointment created by
"umm, no, no ointment thanks... I just feel a little sick, not sure i
i've just eaten something i shouldn't have, or if its a bug..." she
said, Keto looked her over.
"well, i suppose a quick checkup couldn't hurt." he said, motioning
to a medibed, which Jenny sat on.
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