Delusions of Grandeur

Dean landed and opened the Raven's rear cargo bay door. The RAID
drove straight out of the back and paused as the Raven's engines re-
engaged and it headed back up through the stormy sky.
The team in the RAID drove in the direction of the underground
tunnel. As they headed out across the landscape, they saw the many
bodies of dead Hymenoptera laid out and piled on top of each other.
"What the hell happened here?" Asked Jay.
<end snip>
Who: Alota, Eric, Johnny, Jack, Dante and other staff not on the
Where: The Drive Room
When: Now
"I just had a thought," Eric said to the captain, "but if they have
any survivors, who will be in charge of dealing with them?"
"Well," Alota replied, "it depends on who is there, but considering
the staff I sent, it would be the.... oh crap."
"Yeah, the ambassador." Eric said. "Let's hope Seymour doesn't get
delusions of grandeur or feel like being a cowboy."
"Well, Jay, Phil, Callum and Chris should be able to keep him under
control, if there are any survivors." Alota responded.
"Oh, and onto another topic," Eric continued, "I was looking through
various documents at my workstation, and I discovered the PDF manual."
"Oh?" Everyone raised an eyebrow, asking him to go on.
"Yeah, and like usual, it had a list of the last minute add-ons. And
one in particular is pretty cool."
"What is it?"
"It's a mining vehicle, called the Peewee 1X385. It's ideal for use
in hostile locations - places with no atmosphere, angry locals and
the such. And, it could burrow down to the level of the shelter with
little troubles. It would fit easily into a Starbug shuttle, or the
Demon Destroyer if we still had it. I have been practising
maneouvering all morning."
"And you expect me to authorise this... mission?"
"Well... yes, I was hoping you would. We could easily take a small
squad of the security team on board in case we are fired upon. I
heard Phil's recruits from last week have been trained and are ready
for their first mission." Eric said.
"Plus, we have the Raven on the ground for more firepower if we need
it, which I doubt we will." Johnny chipped in.
"All I would need is an experienced soldier or two to lead the raw
security recruits." Eric raised an inquisative eyebrow at Jack and

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