Short Musing from the mind of Lawrence Trisees

Who: Trisees
Where: Corridor 5
Trisees grumbled. He often grumbled when he was in a thoughtful mood,
it alleviated the stress build up in his brain and spending time
aboard the Blue Dwarf happened to be highly stressful. He missed his
old life abaord the S.A.E.C. and his old friend, Sarah Alexander (the
only person he'd been able to love) who had appeared aboard the Blue
Dwarf for a short while only to vanish during an away mission. He had
been locked in stasis, (he was dying at the time), and as such felt
responsible for not being there to look out for her.
Trisees grumbled a bit more and stood next to a disused water cooler
and kicked it. He felt a bit better after doing that and began
wandering back to the Medibay with a more full heart. He'd think
about the Alexander problem after he'd fixed the more immediate issues:
Shakespeare and Coffey.
He'd hated them at first, really hated them and with good reason to.
He stopped. Or had there been a good reason to? He would freely
admit he wasn't the same kind of person as he'd been when he'd
invented the Mind Ehancement Device with Sarah. One of it's side
effects, apart from losing his personality for 12 years, had been an
increase in anger and frustration. He seemed to snap at virtually
everything and he felt crabby every second.
He then thought of his body and how that had changed too. Robotic
legs, mechanical right arm, false ears and aural system. He felt more
like an android than a person.
He scowled for no reason and stumbled over a visible pipe. He looked
back at the pipe angrily and stomped on it, releasing a huge cloud of
white gas.
"Ridiculous place to put a pipe," he grumbled.
Trisees kept on walking and dug his hands in his pockets.
"Time," he said. "It's all about time."
He kicked the floor grouchily and felt around in his pockets

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