More reinforcements on the way

Who: Everyone in parrots, and the people who were in the Hymie ship
Where: Parrots (Duh!) and some corridor
When: youre guess is as good as mine
Mk.7 was running as fast as he could, stretching his legs as far as
possible to gain speed.
He then rounded a corner and smashed into the side of Amber's leg
sending them both sprawling, with Idwal, John, Quilibert and Jack
coming to a halt.
"Geez, I HATE the number of blindspots on this ship!" complained Mk.7
"What the... Who the.. Why the..." said a very disoriented Amber
"In order, A scutter, Mk.7, because I'm legging it to parrots."
"Well," said Jack "Were headed that way too, so get up and come with
us" And then helped Amber up.
"Sure, why not?" said Mk.7, and the whole group ran off down the
corridor together.
"Oh, and I like your new pets!" he said gesturing to the two
Hymenoptera following colse behind.
"Yeah," said John "Their rentals"

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