From the mind of Jennifer Wildflower

Who: Wildflower, The Big Pink Tree
Where: Medibay
Jennifer Wildflower, trainee surgeon and general irritation, sat back
in her chair, hands behind head and legs up on her desk musing about
her life in a way she'd not done in years. She was surprised that
she'd not been thinking about it sooner as back when she was at the
academy, her and her roommates had never stopped talking about it.
She was thinking about romance again.
She often tried not to, now that she was a member of the Blue Dwarf.
People rarely had time to form strong relationships or find
significant others without getting thrown into much peril. She wasn't
sure if she wanted her beau to spend all his time being saved, or
saving her simply because they were dating.
She had enjoyed the dates she'd had with Jay Chrysler and Robert
Donovan, but that was years ago and since then she'd spent her days
tending to wounds, learning about surgery, being involved in cleaning
up the crew after various wacky missions and irritating Keto.
She laughed at the last part.
The tree rustled, breaking her train of thought.
She shook her head. "No, not really."
Wildflower smiled, but said nothing.
The tree began bouncing happily and dropped blossom all over the floor
where it stood, making pretty white piles.
It was this moment that Trisees came bursting into the medibay.
"Oh you got rid of that thing?" asked Wildflower, looking over at him.
"SILENCE INSOLENT WENCH!" Trisees commanded, both agitated, excited,
confused and determined. He was having severe difficulty trying to
juggle all the conflicting emotions at once and the result seemed to
give people that could see his face the impression he was undergoing a
"Ok, ok!" she replied, raising her hands apologetically. "What's the
Trisees looked at her and produced the treasure map she'd found earlier.
"This is the 'beef'," Trisees explained. "You and I are going
treasure hunting."
"We are?"
*rustle* said the Tree happily.
"You stay out of this!" stated Trises, pointing an accusing finger at
the Pink plant.
(Trisees was the only non medical member who could understand the
tree. This came from a 12 year period of his life when his body had
been taken over by a rogue personality. The personality had worked
with the Blue Dwarf for a year and happened to be the chief surgeon.
The ability to understand the Tree had stayed behind once the
personality had been given it's own body).
The tree's branches dropped slightly and a little bit of blue blossom
dropped to the floor.
Wildflower looked surprised.
"Don't be so mean to the tree!" she said. "It has feelings too."
"May I remind you that it's a tree," said Trisees.
"May I remind you that it's sentient?" said Wildflower back, folding
her arms.
"That's debateable."
Keto, hearing the raised voices from within his office, took this
moment to poke his head round the door. He at once spotted the
blossom on the floor of his medibay and sighed. Why did his medical
team have to comprise of the idiots and the shrubs? All he wanted was
a clean, effecient medibay and instead he got this. He stomped back
into his office and sat at his desk, still musing about what kind of
blackmail he could exact.
Trisees and Wildflower, having ceased arguing, stared at the map
together, the trainee surgeon pointing to the large X.
"Well it can't be too difficult to find," she started. "Just
following the directions should lead us there in no time."
"We'll have to steal a Blue Midget to get to the planet," countered
"Leave that to me," she winked.

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