Let\'s blow up Parrotts again...

<SNIP 1>
"Oh, and I like your new pets!" he said gesturing to the two
Hymenoptera following colse behind.
"Yeah," said John "They're rentals"
</SNIP 1>
<SNIP 2>
Everybody cheered and MP gave everybody high-fives before they walked
the last distance to the Starbug. Dean was waiting for them with a
smile and congratulated Dante on his awesome shot before flying the
Starbug back to the Blue Dwarf.
Just as they got permission to land in the flight deck, they saw a
Hymenoptera ship flying fast towards them. Dean was about to lock on to
the ship out of habit, before realising that the bugs were on their
side now.
</SNIP 2>
Eric, Dean, Mini-Phil, Dante and Victoria de Felice left the Starbug
as the medical team took the survivors to the Medibay.
"Holly, is the battle in Parrott's over yet?"
"Nope." Holly replied. "It seems that all the aliens in the ship have
decided to wage a battle at Parrott's."
Eric, Dante, MP and Dean started to run to Parrott's, leaving Victoria
alone on the flight deck.
After a sprint, they made it to Parrott's, with Dante the only one not
puffing. After half a minute, Mk 7 arrived, shortly followed by Amber,
Idwal, Keats and Jack.
"Alright people," Dante raised his voice, "they can only phase out for
a certain time. Try to hit them when they phase back."
Dante also started unpacking his tesla cannon, scaling back the
setting to avoid blowing up the bar and everybody in it.
"Holly, are you certain all the aliens on this ship are here?" Eric
"Well, I cannot detect them when they are phased out, but the only
ones phasing in and out are there. I'm pretty sure that's all of the
aliens, but it is possible that there are some others phased out still
wandering other parts of the ship."

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