Flash Forward

Who: Jennifer Wildflower
Where: Blue Midget Bay 3
Jennifer Wildflower adjusted her bra and made sure the tops of her
breasts were highly visible. There was nothing like a good pair of
tits to make men do exactly as she wanted. She'd learnt this trick at
University and as a result had passed every single class without
actually attending any lectures at all. In fact, as far as she could
remember, she'd barely even been inside the university.
Opening the doors to bay three, she spotted the security desk
positioned a few metres back. Behind the desk lay a control panel,
and to the left that a row of twenty Starbugs, all polished and
cleaned and ready to be stolen.
She composed herself and pushed up her breasts again so they looked
suitable edible before striding sexily through the doors and up to the
desk. The two security men looked up from their magazines as Jennifer
Wildflower bent over the desk and smiled sweetly. The two gaurds eyes
nearly popped out as their vision was filled by Wildflower chest and
inside she grinned.
'All too easy,' she told herself.
"Hello boys," she said, licking a finger tip. "Is this the right
place to borrow ships? I need to go on a planet tour."
"A planet tour?" one of them managed, his tongue getting in the way of
the words.
"Yes, would one of you be able to lend me a ship. Just for a few
days? Pretty please?" she batted her eye lids and let her finger move
from her mouth down to the lip of her shirt, near where the top of her
breasts jiggled under the pressure of her shirt. It was very
uncomfortable and she began to remember the reasons she'd stopped
dressing like this.
One of the security guards reached behind the desk and pulled out a
key. His and his partners eyes never having once left Wildflowers
chest. He handed it to Jennifer and she took it from his outstretched
palm and slipped it down between her breasts.
"Thanks boys," she said huskily, before turning around and walking away.
Wildflower looked over her shoulder one last time as she left the bay
and left the two security gaurds with a wink.
'Typical men, always thinking with their genitals,' she said, laughing.
Wildflower appeared back in the medibay twenty minutes later, looking
a lot less slutty, but just as happy and brandishing a key excitedly.
"How in the hell did you get that?" asked Trisees, haughtily.
"Simple, these," she said, pointing at her chest.
"I should have known," mumbled Trisees, rolling his eyes. "Come on,
lets go. There's not enough time in the day to listen to your
incessant rambiling AND get this treasure. So stop being proud of
those things and lets get going woman!"
Wildflower's smile vanished and was nearly replaced with a pout. She
put her hands on her hips, glared instead and walked after the
stomping Trisees.
They were soon aboard the Starbug 21. The two of them had packed
mining equipment, tools, spare clothes and anything else they felt
would be valuable for the trip.
"Do you think Keto will get annoyed that I'm not there to help?" asked
Wildflower, sitting in the cockpit.
"It's you." replied Trisees, sitting down next to her.
"What are you implying?" she asked, angily.
"That only an idiot would miss you, and only an idiot of equal
proportions would work alongside you."
There was a seconds silence before Trisees hurriedly continued.
"This excludes treasure hunting."
Wildflower growled and switched on the engine, causing the Starbug to
lurch forward, almost into another Starbug.
"Perhaps you should let the man with the records in piloting drive?"
suggested Trisees, shaking his head. He took hold of the wheel and
soon had the Starbug in the air, Wildflower taking the opportunity to
stand up and take her clothes to her small cramped quarters.
As she passed the dingy kitchen, she noticed a figure standing by the
"Jenny?" asked Wildfower, leaning on the doorway.
Jenny turned around, casually wiping her eyes.
"Wildflower! I wasn't expecting to see you here," she said.
"Likewise. I guess you're joining us in the treasure hunt,"
Wildflower said as she noticed the bug leaving the confines of Blue
Dwarf. Jenny smiled, feeling a little bit better. She nodded to
Wildflower and left the kitchen, sitting down at the navi table as
Wildflower resumed her course for the quarters.
If Wildflower knew Trisees, there was no way he was going to turn back
now. When he had his mind set on something, he followed through. She
admired that in a man; dertermination, focus, clear goals.
Wildflower stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes went wide.
'Remove those thoughts. Remove them!' she scolded.

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