Meanwhile, in the Medibay...

Where: Medibay - Isolated Cell 3.
Who: Keto, Shaine O'Riley.
Keto hoped his new procedure had worked. If it didn't, it was no
loss to him, as the patient was still strapped, and Keto had a large
hyperdermic by his side, filled with enough drugs to put a herd of
rampaging elephants, or the FeBuggre family, to sleep. Maybe it
would be enough for this mad Irishman.
While Keto had been studying medicine, not only at University, but
for his whole life pretty much, he had also learned other things
while helping his roommate studying Psychology, Psychiartry and
other Psychobabble (in return, his roommate got him access to
certain tools and labs that are guarded by billions of dollars worth
of security).
He hoped that he had used all his knowledge of these various other
things correctly, so that he could shove it down Cerebrum's throat.
He crossed the fingers on his left hand as he took the gas away from
Shaine's face.
A few minutes later, Shaine started to murmur.
"Tell me, how do you feel? What pain do you have on a scale of one
to ten?" Keto asked his patient.
"I'll get up later, Mum." Shaine mumbled.
Keto coughed loudly, but Shaine was still 90% asleep. Not surprising
really, considering the amount of tranquilisers he had been given
when they rescued him, and that Keto had him under general
anaesthetic for three days.
Keto pressed a button and a medi-droid wheeled into the room,
holding a tray. Keto grabbed a cold, glass stein full of Guiness and
held it under Shaine's nose. Shaine took it and drank it it one
gulp, before letting it roll onto the floor, smashing, and falling
asleep again.
A cleaning droid removed the glass as Keto told the medi-droid to go
to Plan C. It returned with another stein of beer, but this time it
was a warm (insert smeggy beer here, ie American beer, Draught, UK
beer) and Keto took it, slowly bringing it closer to Shaine's nose.
When it was a meter away, Shaine's eyes opened wide and his nostrils
sent bad messages to his brain, which complained to his stomach,
which promptly emptied onto the bed. And Keto.
The cleaning droid quickly removed the vomit as well, using a spray
on Keto's clothes that made a loud hissing noise and produced a lot
of steam, but when it dissipated, the vomit had gone. Then, it
replaced the sheets and cleaned the floors.
After this, Keto wheeled his groggy patient to another room, and
started to talk football to his patient. Aside from the fact that he
knew nothing of the last 50 years of football, he knew almost every
fact there was (he didn't even fall for the trick question - when
did Coventry last win a Zero-G Football Cup?).
'Success!' Keto thought to himself. 'Hey, that's much more progress
than Cerebrum has ever had!' Keto smiled, evilly, at the thought of
being able to act smug in front of everybody, especially Mr Smug Git
himself, Cerebrum.
Keto told his patient where to find his temporary quarters, and
seeing as how he was stuck on the ship, and nothing on the ship was
free, how to go about getting a job.
Shaine thanked him, and Keto unstrapped his patient. Shaine got up,
and went to get dressed. He soon came back and went to shake Keto's
hand. Just as Keto started to extend his hand towards Shaine's,
Shaine changed the direction of his hand and punched Keto in the
"Bastard!" Shaine yelled at Keto as he calmly walked out of the
Medibay. "I'll get you yet!"
<to be continued>

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