Who: Trisees, Jen, and
Where: Starbug 21, after having left the Dwarf
  "Won't people worry where we are?" asked Wildflower, looking through
the plexiglass viewscreen at the front of the Starbug and back towards
the large blue spaceship they'd just left.
  "Probably," muttered Trisees, concentrating on flying the ship. 
Technically he could fly it with his eyes closed due to the advanced
training courses he had taken and passed back on S.A.E.C.  This way,
feigning concentration, he didn't have to look or really respond to
Wildflower and that made him feel happy.  He still couldn't quite work
out why he'd decided to bring her along - maybe some strange sense of
loyalty seeing as she found the map.  He frowned and looked at her;
scowling and glaring, before turning back to the controls.
  Wildflower looked confused and glared back, completely unawares what
Trisees was thinking about.
  "It was just a question," she stated angrily.
  "Whatever, go and do something worthwhile," Trisees replied.
  Wildflower folded her arms and lent back in the chair, defiantly. 
"You need a co-pilot and here I stay."
  Trisees raised and eyebrow, but said nothing, returning his fake
concentration once more to flying the Starbug.
   Almost an hour later,
Trisees touched the Starbug down on the desert planet where the map had
revealed lay the treasure.  When Wildflower had informed him that Jenny
as also on board, he'd been fairly surprised, but decided that it
didn't matter as she would probably talk to the insipid Trainee Surgeon
and allow him to get on with the task at hand.  The three of them had
suited up in the standard JMC desert gear which consisted of a pair of
khaki shorts, sandals, sunglasses and a loud Hawaiian shirt.  Trisees
looked at his mad yellow and blue shirt with distaste and then slipped
his sunglasses on and opened the hatchway. 
  Jen and Wildflower stood behind him, Jenny wearing a green and orange
Hawaiian shirt and Wildflower wearing a dark blue one with a picture of
the sea on.  Wildflower also had a small backpack with all the tools
and equipment Trisees had decided they'd need.
  "Are you two ready?" he asked, looking over his shoulder and folding
the map up.
  The two girls nodded back, Jenny adjusting her sunglasses.
  "Let's go," he said, striding out of the bug and into the sand filled

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