JMC_Blue_Dwarf] 'Stranger and stranger.'

Day Eight
Blue Dwarf
What the hell time is it?
Harris looked around and was wondering why the botanical gardens were in the midst of a heavy rain. It shouldn't aboard a spaceship, even if there a major malfunction with the environmental controls nothing like this has ever happened before.
What added further to the Major's confusion was that the useless excuse of a Captain, Cannon, was dancing with a donkey standing in its' hind legs. Cannon noticed the Major and told him. "The mice aren't what they appear."
What the bloody hell?! Harris throught and then he heard in squeaky voices, 'Hi ho, hi ho, its' off to work we go.'
Harris spun round to see a row of mice in protective helmet and greasy trousers carrying pickaxes travelling two by two. 'What the hell', Harris throught again.
He knew about the mice from Lloyd's report about the mice taking apart the self-destruct device and from the video recordings of the 'mice rallies' in the lower cargo decks recorded by Jackson. The fact they were singing told him that he was dreaming. But this wasn't one of his 'normal' dreams, they were filled with strange and menacing creatures that made the snake-like-creature on that uncharted planet look nice and friendly.
Now what, Harris throught to himself. What else would this methane gas induced dream bring up. He didn't have to wait long as this fish went floating by.
Harris turned and was about to leave the gardens when he suddenly was flipped upside-down and was left dangling from a tree by a garden hose. Harris snarled. "Oh, bloody great!"
Then he heard a female laugh, oh, bloody, bloody hell! Not her!!' Harris throught to himself as he tried to free himself and only manage to start swing. As his swing began to slow he noticed a pair of working boots, looking up (or in his case, down) attached to the boots were blue jeans that were faded at the knees and then a green T-shirt with a pair of well toned famine arms crossed in front and then he caught sight of the wearer's face of all these items of clothing. Her face was tilted slightly to right and her long curly fair hair covering the side of her face.
Harris awoke when he fell out of bed and landed onto his broken left arm. He snarled out loudly when someone else would have yelled out in pain. Harris rolled onto his back and groaned. This was getting beyond the joke. He wasn't scared of things that would have most people 'legging it' so why the bloody hell was he scared of this garden, of this woman.
It's time to seek counselling, Harris throught.

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