Niples - "Escaping the genetic freaks"

Seymour turned to Athena. "Sorry I had to threaten you like that."
"Don't worry, I wasn't scared!" Athena said.
"Well sod you then!" Said Seymour. Athena laughed.
"But thanks for rescuing me. I'm really not sure why I stayed here
for so long, I really don't belong here."
They drove the pink bus into the tunnel, and back to where they had
crashed the Starbug.
<end snip>
Who: Seymour, Athena, Jack, Jay, CK, Melissa
Where: Innuendo planet, by the crashed starbug
When: immediately after last post
Jack parked the pink bus in a crevice near the starbug. Seymour,
Athena and Jack ran up, and Seymour threw a bag of component
Starship parts to CK.
"ohh prezzies?" He asked.
"Yeah you've got about five minutes to fit them and get this ship in
the air though. We had to steal them from the locals."
CK grinned.
"So, did you have any trouble with the natives?" Seymour asked, as
CK fitted the parts.
"Well kinda… well Jay…" he started, but then saw Jay walking over
and bit his lip. "Oh nothing really". He said looking at Jay.
Seymour raised his eyebrow suspiciously and looked over at Jay.
---4mins 52 seconds later---
Seymour and Jay walked into the cockpit of the Starbug, suspiciously
eyeing each other up.
CK for the last 3 minutes had been sat relaxing with a magazine with
his feet up on a chair, he had made the fixes in record time. As
soon as he saw people coming in, he sprung off his chair and stuck
his head into a conduit, pulling it out again all oily and sweaty.
He made a fake sigh of relief.
"How are the repairs?" Asked Jay.
"Pfft, well… just finished them." He said with a grin.
"Good because there's lots of freakish crossbreeds out there in
little dune buggies driving up to us right now. We've got to go!"
said Seymour.
CK punched the controls and the Starbug shuddered to life, everyone
climbed aboard.
Genetic crossbreeds of all species from the town raced up to the
Starbug in dune buggies. Even the King Sealion had been wheeled out
of the city. He pointed to the starbug as it started to climb into
the air, it's engines revving. "Prepare the grappling hook, my Queen
doesn't get away this easily!"
Inside the Starbug, CK's confidence and smug grin turned to panic
when the Starbug stopped suddenly. "We're being pulled back down to
the ground!" Said Jay.
"What have they got that's heavy enough to tether a Starbug?" asked
Seymour, and looked down at the ground. They had tied a grappling
hook to the King Sealion- his fat blubber anchored them to the
The big tub of lard and his servants began pulling the Starbug back
Jay opened the sliding door at the side of the starbug and called
out. "You can't stop us!"
"Yes we can!" Shouted the King. "And we must… you see, we can't let
you find what you are looking for."
"What?" Shouted Jay.
"Look above you!!" Said the King from the ground.
A mutant ship de-cloaked directly above them. It lowered and held
them in a tractor beam.
"I'm surprised you hadn't worked it out already!" Shouted the
King. "We were all created as experiments by the Hymenoptera. These
are our allies: the `Anti-noptera'. We've been keeping you here
until they could come and pick you up. We really can't risk you
finding their base."
Seymour appeared behind Jay. "Jay we're stuck in some kind of energy
beam, we need you at helm… Jay?"
Jay seemed to be in some kind of trance, staring into space. "Jay?
Can you hear me."
Jay clicked out of it and grinned to Seymour. "Don't worry I've
sorted it."
"Sorted it? How?"
Jay looked up to the clouds, which were looking darker. He shouted
down to the King. "You genetic freaks were never meant to live, the
Hymenoptera created you as testing for the perfect soldier. They got
it wrong, they got it very wrong. The `Anti-noptera' as you call
them were almost worthy, and have proved a tough enemy so far, but
we WILL defeat you eventually!"
The King looked up to the clouds in confusion.
Suddenly a large green bolt of acidic liquid hit the Anti-noptera
ship that was holding the Starbug, it happened so quickly that the
ship didn't have time to cloak. Another blob hit the crowd of
mutants, and dissolved half of them to the bone within seconds. The
screams were immense.
The King closed his eyes as a blob hit him and dissolved his fatty
body away.
Seymour looked down in horror, then up as he saw the Hymenoptera
ship break through the crowds. "That's incredible. That has to be
the first time I have genuinely been glad to see the Hymenoptera!"
"I communicated to them through the hive." Jay said, pointing to the
implanted bug in the base of his skull.
They looked up, the Anti-noptera ship above them was dissolving, and
the engines were failing. "Lets get out of here before that big
chunk of metal drops on us!" Said Seymour.
Jay grinned as he watched more hymenoptera acid rain from the skies,
killing the mutants below.
"NOW!" Seymour pulled him away.
The starbug ducked out from underneath the falling Anti-noptera
ship, which crashed onto the ground.
As the starbug flew upwards, Seymour watched the Hymenoptera ship
move slowly across the town, dropping more acid death. "Jay is there
really a need for all that killing? There were innocent people down
there, not all of them were in league with the Anti-noptera."
Jay just shot him a look as if to say "so what?".
"Anti-noptera?" Asked Melissa from the cockpit.
"Yes. That seems to be the name of the mutants we are looking for."
Said Seymour.
"The enemy." Said Jay.
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