OOC - New member - Freya Adans

OOC- here's a new member, Freya Adans, a scary sounding councellor!!
Welcome Freya, I like your character profile, I think you'll fit in
very well here!
Character Name: Freya Adans
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Nationality: British
Department: psychiatric
Job Title: Counsellor
Player/NPC? active
Physical Appearance
Height: 5'7 Weight: 9 stone 3 Appearance: Short black hair, cold
steely grey eyes. Generally looks cold, uninviting and slightly
Personality and Interests
Freya, despite being a trained counsellor, is perhaps the least
sympathetic person who ever lived. She is easily bored with her
patients and has been known to nod off during they're sessions. She
is sometimes aggressive and sadistic and delights in showing people
the sharp side of her tongue. Her Interests Include: Rock music,
wrestling and vintage comedy.
Freya graduated from The University of Callisto; she then joined the
JMC in a vain attempt to earn some money to pay off her substantial
student loan. Several years down the line she's still working to pay
off her debt. She detests her job and work colleagues and has little
or no time for idiots.
Favourite Sayings
"Thats all very well and good, but you're still and idiot!"
"Shut up!"
"No, it doesn't bother me. I get paid to hear your waffle on..."

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