An electrofying plan

Efof circled the Dwarf, finding it hard to avoid the flak himself.
Despite the obvious facts that they were in space, and the ultra-
viloet explosions- the scene looked like a World War II air battle.
"Its still not enough, they're flying straight through the weapons
fire." Said Efof. "There must be something else we can do?"
MK7 thought for a second, his cylon-styled electronic eye was
replaced by a windows 98 egg-timer.
"Well the ANti-noptera that came aboard were fought off because we
could use electricity against them... isn't that right?"
"Yeah a strong electric current caused them to loose their ability
to cloak."
"Can we use that somehow?" said Mk7, trying to work out a plan.
<end snip>
Who: Efof & Mk.7
When: just after last post
Where: Circling Blue Dwarf
Mk.7 thought for a while, Efof too busy dodging the flak to do the
The egtimer that replaced his eye stared moving faster and faster
until it quickly faded back to his cylonesk eye.
"I GOT IT!" exclaimed Mk.7
"Well don't give it to me you diseased little droid!"
"Ok, we need a way to send electricity to their ships, right?"
"And we dont have the insulation to use enough to simply leap to
their ships through space, right?"
"So we need something to make contact with them, right?"
"Right. What?"
"I'm not sure. I'll punch up the schematics."
AS the cross-section of the Blue Midget appeared on the HUD, Mk.7
looked over it carefully.
"Its harder to steer wirth this crippled leg flapping about." said
"The momentum means that whenever I turn, it keeps moving in the
previous direction and pulls us off course"
"OF COURSE! We can divert power to the leg gyros. because they've
been offline, the capaciter should blow with the right amount of
power and electrify the entire leg. We can then just drag it through
them and bingo: Kentucky Fried Alien."
Mk.7 rerouted power to the gyros on the crippled leg, and they blew
as planned. Massive arcs of electricity jumped all over the leg. It
just lightly skimmed over one of the Anti-noptera ships. The Anit-
noptera ship became hooked on the AC electricity* and one of the
gunners noticed this. He opened fire on it and it exploded in a big
firey ball, and boiled away into the ultra-violet.
"YEEEHAAAA! They can't cloak while they remain attached to our leg."
said Efof happily steering the Blue Midget towards another ship."
"But the ironic thing is, THEY were the ones that crippled our leg
allowing us to do this." said Mk.7 "Serves `em right I s'pose"
<tag anyone. we have a weapon>
*AC electricity: NOT the electricity from the Air Conditioner!

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