Re: An electrofying plan

Who: Amber, John Keats,
Where: Observation Deck and Quarters.
When: During the space battle
---- Snip ----
> "Gotta say Callum.." Jay said "These missles are a sroke of genius
if I ever
> need a weapon designing I'll call you..."
> "Why would you need....?"
> "No reason."
> The starbug dipped, dived, and rolled around exploding spacecraft
from both
> sides, launching missles, and firing whatever else it had in its
---- End Snip ----
Amber grinned and whooped for joy as Jay launched another vollet of
missiles and several Anti's exploded. She turned to Keats and wrapped
her arms around him and kissed him.
"It's so good now it's out in the open, now Dad knows" Amber
laughed as John paled at the mention of Phil.
"I'm not so sure.... I don't trust the Midget..." John said,
nervously slipping his arm around Amber's waist.
"Oh don't worry about Mini-Dad. If he was going to do something
you'd know about it by now." Amber grimaced suddenly and rubbed her
neck at the base of her skull.
"What's wrong?" The concerned pilot asked.
"It... It's nothing." Amber turned away from Keats so he couldn't
see her eyes. "Since the Hymenopterra have been around i've been
getting Migranes. Getting worse recently..." she lied, the pain was
at the base of her skull. "Look, i'm going to go get some rest. This
headache is killing me" She kissed John again and walked off towards
the crew quarters.
Amber slipped the manilla folder out from under the matress and
opened it up. Inside were various charts and medical documents dating
over the last few months. It was easy to get Keto to co-operate if
you fed him enough peanuts to get him drunk enough to forget he had
ever done the tests. Amber pulled out the latest CAT Scan, it showed
the lump at the top of her spine, woven into her central nervous
system and into her brain. The tendrils that the lump had been
sending out were branching and dividing, covering more of her CNS and
creping into more of her brain functions. Eventually it would take
control and effectivly kill Amber as she was today. As far as the
other documents were concerned, they detailed blood tests and biopsy
results, the nearest conclusion that Keto could come to was that the
lump released controlled doses of an unknown chemical compound, the
tendrils effecting the release of dose by her emotions or which
hormones and how much were in her blood stream. She shoved all the
documents back in the folder and under the matress. She walked into
the bathroom and stared into the mirror, her dark blue eyes that were
riddled with the black dashes after her Bliss addiction stared back
at her. A spasm wracked her body and blackness trickled briefly into
her eyes,she coughed and spat out some more of the oily black
substance. She ran the tabs to get rid of it and went back to her bed
and collapsed onto it, slowly she began to cry. Tears of desparation
and fear slid down her cheaks....
< TBC >

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