Much electrocution and a black and charred mess

Who: Chris
When: After the Wormhole began to open
Where: In Chris' ship
As the wormhole opened, the dwarf began to glide through, thankfully, quick
enough to allow Chris' ship to glide past the tail end of the dwarf without
doing damage to it. Chris gave a huge sigh of relief before he realised
that, not only was the dwarf going through the wormhole, but the wormhole
was also dragging his ship through. Chris rolled his eyes, turned around and
pressed a few buttons, causing a panel hiding the wiring for the computer to
slide out of view and allow Chris to fiddle around with the wiring in an
attempt to re-boot the computer.
After a small amount of nifty fiddling, the computer sprang to life.
"Good day to you" said a remarkably posh voice sounding not unlike
Seymour's. With a shudder, Chris pressed a few buttons on the wall and the
computer's personality changed to something more socially acceptable.
"Engage Autopilot!" Shouted an exasperated Chris before running out of the
cockpit and down towards the engine room, not even waiting to hear the
orthodox "Autopilot enabled" and the computer's random curses directed at
the person that couldn't be bothered to fly the ship.
When he reached the engine room, he stared in horror at the twelve black and
charred engines, all of which looked as if they needed to be slung out and
have new ones fittied. Chris figured that it couldnt be too difficult, so
long as they were operational it didnt matter, if necessary they could be
re-fitted once the ship was safely back in the bluedwarf hangar bay, right
now, he had to get to work. Chris had a minor qualification in flight
engineering, being a pilot, so he thankfully knew what he was doing. He set
to work assataining what was wrong with each and every engine before
retrieving the spare parts needed to get four engines fully up and running.
This, thankfully took him a very short time. Now that the ship was in less
danger of falling apart, Chris' next repair job was on the three laser
cannons and two torpedo turrets. This was something he had less experience
with, so the computer helped him along the way by turning the power to the
weopans systems off AFTER he had been electrocuted several times. After an
hour, these had also been repaired, but Chris was still unaware of a raging
battle going on outside, as more and more anti-noptera ships rose from the
surface of the planet.
Several minutes later, a tired and sweaty Chris emerged on the bridge and
sat in the pilots seat. He looked out the three inch thick window between
himself and asphyxiation and uttered a long mixture of muchly unidentifiable
swear words, mainly unidentifiable because a majority of the weren't in any
known language. He attempted to steer the ship into the fight and take some
of the attention away from the dwarf. Immediately he was immersed in the
battle as a large amount of fire hit one of his aft torpedo launchers, the
two that hadnt been damaged. That launcher was now out of action as the ship
swung around and emitted several torpedo into now electrocuted anti-noptera
ships. He saw the starbug that presumeably still conained Jay, Jack and the
rest head down into the atmosphere of a rocky planet. Seconds later he
recieved a communication from Jack asking all ships to join them in
attacking the anti-noptera's base. Chris followed their trails down into the
planets atmosphere and landed by the starbug.
"Have I missed anything?" he radio'd to Jack as he got ready to attack the
base with whoever else was to come......
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