The chant of a poor man

"It... It's nothing." Amber turned away from Keats so he couldn't
see her eyes. "Since the Hymenopterra have been around i've been
getting Migranes. Getting worse recently..." she lied, the pain was
at the base of her skull. "Look, i'm going to go get some rest. This
headache is killing me" She kissed John again and walked off towards
the crew quarters.
[end clip]
John stood there for a moment and closed his eyes. He could almost
imagine being out there, swooping and rolling, keepign count of how
many he'd taken down for the usual friendly, drink involved comparison
with Jay and the others. He never did win, but.. he yearned for it
anyways, he wanted his ship back, he tried the bugs.. they were to big
and cumbersome, and the Midgets didnt have the sleek finish of his
Endymion. Gritting his teeth, John headed to the crew quarters,
stopped, headed to parrots, stopped again because his wallet ahd ended
and headed down to the Cargo Bay.
It was Quiet, even Severn was involvd in the fight, mannign one fo the
gun turrets at the aft of the ship. John reflected on his situation,
turned round and bumped into a Hymie. He couldnt get used to it, not a
month back were they bitter enemies.
"Hi.. errr.. i dont know if you understand me or anything but do you
want to go for a pint?"
It clickerd at him
"Oh.. yeah, sorry, only weakness... yeah, we dotn do Calibur im
afraid.. umm... how about a Mac-Donalds?"
It clickerd again,t his time flaying its apendages wildly.
"Yeah, i was thinkign that to... soooo.... where do you normally hang
It was blank
"Hang out, you know, chill, relax, use your moves!" John did a little
dance to get the idea across. The Hymie stood for a moment and wanderd
off in search of a life form less annoying.
"Well, that means theres onyl one thing for it, i may be a lousy
Pilot, lousy small talker, pitiful gunner but i can try my damned
hardest to be a good husband!"
He raided severns 'medicine' cabinet, grabed a few handfuls of likely
pills and braved towards the crew quarters where he stood outside
Ambers room and whined at himself. It took him 5 minutes to work up
the courage of knocking....
So yeah, im back, for now, when i get to uni, mroe spare time, il be
on more, woooh!!!!

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