Rythm and Stealth

JP by the lovely Ms. Rebecca and the charming Mr. Me!!!
Who: Those cheeky Keats' Amber and John
Where: Blue Dwarf
When: During the battle
Amber had pulled out the Scan again and was staring at the mass of
tendrils creeping over her brain and CNS. There was a beep at the door
and Amber shoved the scan under the matress just as John walked in.
John stood there fo a moment, he had'nt quite got over the fact that
being in her room was punsihable by Phil.
"Uhh.. I.." he swallowed "I found somethign which may help your
headache. Severn swears by the stuff, and the amout of toxic fumes he
inhales, well, this stuff HAS t be powerful"
"I doubt it'll help. But thanks for the offer." Amber managed a weak
smile. ohn sat down and gazed out of the window.
"Can i ask you something? Why are you not out there fighting at the
moment... I'd give anything to have my old ship back right now.. it...
its odd.. i feel a hole inside me just thinking about it"
The words caught in her mouth and she swallowed
"I just.... I can't right now. After the whole blowing up BD thing I
don't really trust myself" She lied. John nodded, he only heard half
the words, but understood the meaning.
"I know exactly what you mean, im not sure of myself at the moment
either... i used to be so sure that being here was all i wanted. I
flew, i had friends, money and i had you.. but now... now im broke, my
ships destroyed, ive seen many friends die in the last few years, all
i have left is you" he looked across to Amber and smiled.
"Im sorry, im here prattling on about nothing whilst you have a
headache... sorry... is there anything i can do to help out?"
Amber choaked and swallowed some of the bitter blackness.
"Just..... Just remember that whatever happens to me that I love you
ok?" She said holding back tears.That warmed him inside. He got up and
held her hand for a moment while he thought through his words.
"Well, i guess id better let you get your head down, sorry to keep you
up like that... so you wanna try that fancy place sometime? They do
great thai chicken!"
Amber smiled.
"I'd like that. As long as you pay" She gave him a hug, tighter than
John walked out the door, and stood for a moment as it closed and
realised somethign for the first time. No matter how hard he'd tried
in his life, he ended up exactly like his father who even through
everything, he had a smile on his face, and he wore the same smile
then. A feeling of peace.
"Holly" he said "Send me the forms to change departments"
"What to?"
"Suprise me" and walked off.
So yeah, what department you think i should change to? answers on a
postcard to the usual adress!

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