Meanwhile, somewhere in the medibay...

You usually don't see sparks coming from the medibay, well maybe you
would on the Black, Green or Purple Dwarf, but even though the Blue
Dwarf might have the most insane and evil surgeon & doctors, they are
also the best at their trade.
One of the engineers was applying the finishing touches to Johnny
Goode's new arms, after losing his cybernetic arms in a one-sided
battle against evil Jay. First, however, Keto and his staff spent a
lot of time trying to stabilise Johnny, as the feedback from the
broken arms nearly killed him. He was still in a coma, and Keto was
hoping to bring him out in a few days.
Eric Lustbader was sitting in a chair in the operating theatre. He had
been assisting the engineer in installing the new arms, which were to
his specifications.
The engineer finished his work, and Keto told them to leave. Keto
checked up on a few details before leaving as well and placing a nurse
in charge of his care.

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