On the 'road' again

Who: Mk.7, Efof and KatZ
Where: In Blue Midget 'Flying Circus' drifting in deep space
When: Take a guess
Efof decided to turn on the radio in a desperate attempt to break
the tedium.
"One Captain, in search of crew in a hunt to capture possible kill
Lt Cmdr Chrysler mission, care to join?" crackled Alotta's voice
over the radio.
"Damn I wish we could go out and help, rather than be stranded
here." complained Mk.7
"Wait, if theres enough power left to recieve radio messages,
shouldn't there be enough to send one?" suggested Katz, who had
meanwhile disected the mouse that she was unaware had been powering
the ship.
"Hey, good idea." said Efof, who then opened a frequency and, with
assistance from Mk.7, bashed the top of the console until it worked.
"See Efof? Thats the thing about electronics; you need to get their
attention." said Mk.7, who then turned to the microphone.
"Mayday, Mayday, this is an SOS distress call from the Blue
Midget 'Flying Circus', anyone there, over?" he said
"Hi dude, this is Dean. what seems to be the problem?"
"Can you fly the Raven to our position, pick us up, and escort us on
a hunt to find Jay, with very little chance of survival." said Mk.7,
seizing the opportunity.
There was a few moments of awkward silence.
"Yeah, sure, be right there." said Dean with a sigh.
"We'll be waiting." said Efof, feeling the need to state the
blatently obvious.
A few minutes later, the Raven docked with the 'Flying Circus' and
once it's occupants had left, the Raven thundered off into 'deep'
deep space, the the last known co-ordinates of the defected Lt Cmd
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