Attention all Crew this is a moderator speaking (gosh I love saying
that ^_^ ).
As there has been no response from Idwal in choosing June SOTM, I have
taken it upon myself to choose the next winner of this presigious
award. Long overdue award at that as it is now August!
It gives me great pleasure to award the June SOTM to someone who has
shown great dedication to the Sim since he joined the crew. The many
varied and interesting subplots soon caught the eye of the powers that
be. (Have you guessed yet? ;) ) Throughout June he kept up his high
standard of posting and seemed to post both quality and quantity which
is important in my eyes.
I am proud to award June SOTM to Andy Longman, aka Jay Chrysler.
You know the drill Mr Longman, pick July. ;)
Thank you for your attention crew, you may now get back to work!

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