Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] *ACTION* Boarding party

Who: Jay Chris Jack and Alota
Where: ship place thingie
"Ok, lets split up..." said Alota, "It will be harder for us to be detected"Chris and Jack nodded, arming themselves.Jack took the left exit. Alota and Chris broke off to the right.Jack strolled along the corridor his rifle in hand.<Endsnip>
The two headed towards another set of exits with Chris going left and Alota carrying onto the right,
"Keep in radio contact, and remember there are Hymenoptea watching, sow atch your back and keep your guard", she had shouted just as they had split up.   
The corridor that the captain had choosen was dark and barely lit, the walls looked a shiney blood red colour but it was hard to distinguish in the light, on the walls were weapons, they looked cruel and merciless, gleaming in what little light there was, she gulped and study one carefully.
"They won't miss it" she muttered holstering the standard JMC weapon and taking the double ended tusked sword off the wall.  It was lighter then what she originally thought which made it more easy to manouvere.
Carrying along the dark corridor she heard something scutter, her attention turned behind her, where she could make out a slight shadow, the shadow was getting closer and closer.  It was a Hymenoptea ready and raring for battle.  Alota ducked as something shot out to take her head off her shoulders, she stepped back as it swiped out again.  The figure was extremely pissed off, it kept trying to hit Alota but was constantly missing, Alota smiled, then took one well aimed shot and finished the soldier in one
She heard a clunk, it sounded really close by, running down the corridor she came to a huge cross way and there in the middle was Jay and Jack, Jay ready to strike the other.

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