Re: *ACTION* Boarding party

She heard a clunk, it sounded really close by, running down the
corridor she came to a huge cross way and there in the middle was Jay
and Jack, Jay ready to strike the other.
<end snip>
jay's sword fell from above, barely missing jack, as he turned
himself. He may have given up the sword, but he still knew the little
Jack raised his standard JMC rifle, knowing that it was nowhere near
as good as his own, customised sniper rifle. He pulled the trigger,
but missed as Jay's sword rose again, slicing the rifle in two.
"holy smeg" he thought, as he dropped the other half of the rifle. he
stepped away from jay slightly, but stayed in range of his sword,
knowing it to be easier to dodge closer to the user.
he caught Aota out of the corner of his eyes, and pulled back a bit
more, hoping Jay would follow, leaving alota a place to sneak up
behind jay.
<tag... sorry its short, but meh>

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