Back on Track Or Something Close

Who: Jenny, Wildflower, Trisees.
Where: the strange desert planet still..
when: just after the last time we posted.. ages ago
"so... where are we?" Jenny asked as they climed back onto the surface
of the planet, and surveyed the area around them. All that could be
seen was rock and sand. Of course, they could see even less where the
sun was beating down on them.
Trisees raised his hands to cover his eyes and squinted harder,
looking as hard as he could for any sign of the ship they'd come down on.
"I'm sure there was a blue midget around here somewhere," he said
"Same here, I wonder what happened to it?" said Jenny.
"Are we stuck here?" asked Wildflower. "I don't want to be stuck on
this place forever, certainly not with you."
Trisees frowned. "The feeling is most assuredly mutual my dear."
"oh give it a rest you two, we will be stuck here if you don't stop
arguing." Jenny said, angrily and marched off away from the sun.
As she stepped over a rock, she looked back.
"come on, are you gonna stand there and wonder which way it is, or are
you going to be intelligent and remember that were were walking
towards the sun when we got here?" she shouted, and turned away from
the two, wanting so desperately to get off the planet. She took a sip
from her water bottle. continuing along the rock surface.
"Towards the sun?" asked Wildflower.
"Yes. towards, apparently," said Trisees. "Though everything on this
planet looks like one big firey ball of light. That rock, that rock,
that rock over there too."
He sighed and began following Jenny, Wildflower in tow.
After a few moments of following Jenny, Trisees asked:
"how on earth did she come with us again?"
"Huh what?"
"Never mind you simpleton."
Walking along ahead, Jenny could hear them talking, and knew they'd be
thanking her when they got back to the ship. She took another sip of
water, and shook her head as she tried to focus again. The heat
playing with heer senses, she was beginning to lose it...
As she walked a bit further, she had a brainwave, and turned to the
"isn't there a tracking signal for the ship?" she asked, then
suddenly, her eyes glazed over, and she fell backwards onto the sand.
"What's wrong with her?" asked Wildflower.
"She's pregnant! The heat must be getting to you!" Trisees rushed
over to Jenny and scooped her up in his arms. "We have to get her to
the Blue Midget. Whereever the smegging thing is."
"But where is it?" asked Wildflower.
"Are you actually seriously this stupid?"
Jenny opened her eyes slightly, wincing in the bright light. and
smiled seeing someone actually cared in the world, and let herself go,
she could feel her heart racing, the heat was really getting to her.
"she's only a doctor..." she managed. putting an arm around Trisees to
support herself. She then opened her eyes again, briefly, and smiled
at Trisees. "thanks..." she said, before closing her eyes again, and
trying to breathe properly.
"Anytime," murmurred Trisees, running with her in his arms.
Wildflower struggled to keep up behind him, reaching out towards him
and trying to take hold oh his shoulder.
"You're too fast, slow down," she panted.
"NO!" Trisees shouted, surprisingly himself a little. "No, I won't
have her die because of me either. Too many people have died for me.
I'm not having any more!"
He ran harder and harder, desperately looking for anything blue
They reached a rock outcrop, a huge one that spanned a few hundred
metres to their side.
"hmm, this should give enough shade to rest for a bit..." he thought,
and ran around it, laying Jenny down on the soft, cold sand in the
Wildflower appeared around the corner, panting heavily, and fell to
the floor, next to jenny, sitting on the sand in the deep shade. A
cool breeze flew past them, Jenny breathed deeply, and opened her
eyes. She smiled and groaned in contentment.
Trisees leant against the almost cliff face to rest as well, then
looked out to the desert.
"uhh... " he began, looking out a few hundred yards, to where the blue
midget sat, havin been perfectly concealed by the huge rock outcrop.
"I guess we just found the midget," said Trisees, pointing across the
plains. "We better get ourselves over there quickly. Come on. She
needs attention."
Wildflower panted and hugged her knees. "I just wanna sit!"
"Lets go woman! Let's go!"
Trisees lifted up Jenny again and began running towards the outline of
their space craft. He bounded in large leaps and huge steps, making
the distance between them shorter, with Wildflower struggling behind
"COME ON WILDFLOWER!" He bellowed.
Wildflower could feel her legs complaining heavily, but carried on
anyway, she knew when they got to the midget, she'd be fine. The door
opened as they got near, and let them onboard.
Trisees lay Jenny down on one of the beds, and went to start the
shuttle, leaving the medically trained (yet still really annoying)
Wildflower to deal with her. jenny looked up at Wildflower, and smiled.
"he's not all bad..." she said, smiling faintly, and letting out a
huge breathe as she fainted. Wildflower put her to bed, then walked
up to the cockpit to give Trisees a hand, wanting to get them off of
the planet as soon as humanly possible.
Wildflower frowned for a moment, then nodded thinking to what Jenny
had said.
'In his own little way, he's one of the team.'
She was roused by Trisees hitting the arm rest of Wildflowers chair
"Stop staring at me with that goofy grin and assist me in flying the
damn vessel you infernal wench," he commanded.
Wildflower's scowl returned and she hit a few coordinates into her
'And then he acts like a jerk.'
After a while of scanning, Wildflower looked up at the window. "thw
'Dwarfs nowhere to be seen.." she said, scanning again.
"what are you talking about?" he asked, parking the ship in orbit.
"i said, the Blue Dwarf isn't here." she said, watching the lack of
any kind of blip on the scanners.
They searched for a good hour, not finding anything, then jenny walked
into the cockpit, and sat down, with a big glass of water.
"whats up?" she asked, still feeling light headed.
"Somebody has stolen the dwarf apparently in Wildflower's little made
up fantasy world. Welcome, however, to reality where we clever ones
realise that she has in fact input the wrong coordinates. Well done
Wildflower, very well done. You want to try that again? this time
without the huge cock up? Or shall we go for one of those a second
time and increase my already glorious mood further?"
Jenny got up, and looked at the scanner. "Uh... i hope you realise
she has actually got the right coordinates" she said, taking a huge
gulp of water. "the dwarf isn't here." she added, just to annoy
Trisees further.
"Well someone then explain where a ship that reaches the same size as
basingstoke but is even more of an eyesore vanishes to? Wher's the
vapour trail? where's a beacon? Where's anything at all to do with
it? Someone answer me that."
"uhh. did they know we went down there? why would they leave a beacon
if they didn't know anyone was around?" Wildflower said, actually
using her mind for once.
"and the wormhole drive, or hyperspace drive doesn't leave a
trail...for long... you should know that mr scientist." Jenny said,
"ho ho ho." Said Trisees scathingly. "Ok fine. So how do we find
them? Where do we start? This is way too much caring and thinking for
me today."
Trisees sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow.
"well..." jenny began. "didn't we just pick up a time machine of
sorts?" she continued, "is there no way it could be fitted to this
ship?" she followed, hoping trisees would be able to think of
something. Assassins aren't meant to know how to make things...
"couldn't we use it to go back to when the dwarf was here? then no one
would even know we were missing." Wildflower said, after a stroke of
Trisees stared at Jenny. The idea was so simple, so clever, so good.
"Jenny! You're a genius!" he jumped up and kissed her forehead.
"Lets get that time machine hooked up and running! Then we can get
back to whenever the hell we're supposed to be!"
Trisees sped past the two astonished ladies and down the the engine
room, lifting up the Time Drive from the nearby table with barely a grunt.
Jenny blinked, so did Wildflower after a second or two. "if you could
do that before, why didn't YOU carry the smegging thing?" Wildflower
asked, her arms still aching a little.
jenny was shocked at what Trisees had just done, she looked at him in
a whole new light for a second or so, then said to herself "nah, he's
almost double my age, what am i thinking" and dismissed it just as
easily as it had appeared.
"Shut up Wildflower," Trisees called back, happily running with the
machine. He arrived down in the lower decks next to the starbugs main
core. then, setting the time machine down he went to work.
No more than twenty minutes later, sleeves rolled up, greased face and
sweating heavily he returned to the main room where Jenny and
Wildflower sat.
"...." the two girls said in near unison.
"What?" he asked at their blank faces.
"You've barely been gone," said Jenny
"It's a complex piece of machinery," replied Wildflower.
"I AM Lawrence Trisees. I did invent things for the S.A.E.C. Give me
a little credit, all I did was hook up a time drive. It's not like I
worked out the equaliateral length of how to cross universal link
nodes with time dilation holes..." he mused.
"Though I have done that before" he admitted after a pause.
"Twice," he admitted again after a further pause.
"Look, lets just get ourselves back to our own time." he said angrily.
Jenny still sat there, staring.
"worked out the what of the what with the what?" she asked, blankly.
trisees shot her a look, and she added "never mind."
seconds later, the time drive powered up, and catapulted them back to
when they had just left the Blue Dwarf.
"I think it's safe to assume it works, don't you?" asked Trisees
smugly, steering the Blue Midget back home to it's bay.
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