Niples - "The Legacy of Cillit Bang"

OOC- I started writing this last week when i didnt have internet,
but now realise the story has moved on a lot since!
Who: Seymour
Where: His Ambassadorial Suite
When: After news of Plebe
Seymour whinged as he turned on his widescreen TV and found only
more Cillit Bang adverts.
"As if someone of my status would reduce himself to mindless
housework." He scoffed. "One just has to learn to persuade lesser
mortals to do them for you. Speaking of which, where is Efof? He
should be scrubbing my oven by now."
He flicked over the channels and found BBC News 24, which was
showing a shakey camera footage from a spaceship around the planet
of Plebe.
Seymour rolled his eyes, "Yes, been there, done it, got the T-shirt.
Even turned into superman for a while." He recalled the event, as if
it were at all possible, Seymour had become even more "super" and
had actually gained super-powers, just like every other member of
the crew that landed on the planet. It just so happened that the
proximity of a small moon with unusual mineral deposits caused any
humans on the planet to develop special abilities.
The BBC reporter briefly recapped all this and Seymour was annoyed
to find that he wasn't mentioned at all, even though he was on the
first away team to even discover the planet.
Then, the shakey camera footage got even more shakey as it focussed
into a new ship that approached the planet. It firstly looked like a
large cloud, then when looking closer you could see it was a large
Hymenoptera mothership surrounded by small fighters, congregating
around the ship like flies.
Seymour stood up and gasped as he saw the planet reduced to molten
slag. "But… but… I was only there a few months ago! … Why would… ? …
who would…?… The HYMENOPTERA!" He cursed as he saw their insect-like
ships come into focus.
"Damn that bloody Chrysler. He can guide the Hymenoptera to all the
most vulnerable planets in this sector!"
Then the sound of the boiling kettle caught Seymour's attention. "Oh
well, time for tea! I never liked those Plebs anyway."

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