Niples "Last minute holiday" pt1

Who: Seymour Niples
Where: Standing outside Jenny's quarters, on Blue Dwarf
When: As the team storm Jay's Hymenopteran ship
Seymour stood outside Jenny Bond's quarters, his finger hovering
over the doorbell. He had a packed hold-all in his hands and had
been just on his way down to the flight deck, where he was ready to
fly off to New Ibiza.
Due to the late events on the Blue Dwarf and in the universe,
Seymour thought it would be the perfect time for a holiday. He heard
the summer in the northern province (the posh part) was just ending,
so didn't want to miss out for another year. The Queen had a holiday
home there, and Seymour being a Royal Ambassador assumed that surely
it was for his use also.
SO on walking down to the flight-deck, he had passed Jenny's
quarters and remembered the brief affair they had a few months ago,
and since then carried a bit of a torch for her. So he wondered if
she'd like to join him for a week. He could wine her and dine her,
and possibly something could come from it. Or hopefully he'd at
least be able to see her in a bikini.
His finger still hovered over her doorbell. He really wasn't sure.
They had only been together for one night, and since then Jenny had
been a lot more… hostile towards him.
He retracted his finger and walked down to the flight-deck alone.
----flight deck----
Seymour warmed up a Starbug and drove the RAID up a little ramp into
the Starbug's hold.
He was just throwing in a few suitcases filled with his favourite
suits, and even wheeled in a trouser-press, when he heard someone
come in behind him.
Amber had stormed into the flight-deck and began kicking over crates
in anger.
"Woah woah woah! Calm down, what's wrong?!" Asked Seymour as Amber
stomped through the flight deck like a hurricane of destruction. She
had that blackness in her eyes that had grown lately. It was in one
of these fits of anger that she had destroyed the Blue Dwarf by
going back through a time rift and blowing the Blue Dwarf up while
it was still in spacedock.
She stormed right up to Seymour, and he covered behind a Starbug
leg. "Okay okay don't hit me!" He said.
Amber shook her head and the blackness seemed to subside. "I'm
sorry, I just get so… ANGRY lately."
Seymour peered out from behind the starbug leg. "Oh well maybe you
should… go sit down in your quarters." He turned her around and
pushed her away.
"Hangon." Said Amber, noticing Seymours suitcases. "Your packing
suitcases… taking the RAID, and you're wearing a jazzy tie…" she
worked it out. "You're going on holiday!!!"
Seymour started to sweat. The last thing he wanted was Amber coming
with him.
"No, I'm… well… I'm just…"
"I'll just get my things!" Said Amber.
"No I … well… just…"
Amber went to pack some stuff. Seymour tried to take off quickly,
but unfortunately Amber was too quick to return. A few minutes later
they were on their way to New Ibiza.
<To be continued>

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