Niples "Last minute holiday" pt2

Who: Seymour Niples and Amber
Where: Flying to New Ibiza
When: A few hours after setting off
The galaxy is at war. Hymenopteran ships were everywhere fighting
Earth ships. Seymour was beginning to regret requesting the use of
the Blue Dwarf's wormhole drive to get there quickly and easily,
rather than having to fly past several dangerous wings of
The battered and beaten Starbug flew through New Ibiza's atmosphere
and headed for the Northern Province.
"There's the Queen's private Ibizan palace." Seymour said pointing
out of the windscreen. Amber flew towards the Palace, but then flew
over it.
"But… you've just passed the Palace!"
"Screw you! I'm not going to some crummy stuffy palace. The good
beaches and bars are this way!"
Amber parked in the busiest town in the province and headed out to
the sunny beach via the busy marketplace, full of cool shops.
Seymour moaned, but then opened the door in the hold and drove the
RAID out. He decided to leave the Starbug where it was and drove the
RAID down the busy Ibizan main street with the roof down, feeling
the wind in his hair, the sun in his face.
He beeped his horn to get the pedestrians out of his way and drove
up to the Palace. He parked in the main court of the impressive
palace and a servant came to greet him. Seymour dumped four huge
suitcases on the small servant, who looked incredibly annoyed.
Seymour then started barking orders.
"I want a room made up as soon as possible, and tell the chef to
prepare a meal."
"But sir…" said the servant.
"…And I'll be using the Master bedroom in the Queens absense…"
"But sir… the Queen is in residence."
"What?" Seymour looked at the flags on the palace. They were flying
high, showing that the Queen was in fact there. Seymour had expected
to have the place to himself.
"Oh no!" He said.
"Seymour!" Called a familiar feminine voice. Seymour cringed and
turned around to see the queen walking towards him, swinging a small
handbag with a tiny little dog in it.
Seymour wondered if he still had time to make a break for it. He
loved being a royal ambassador, he loved serving the queen, but he
really couldn't stand the spoilt brat.
"Madam" He said and bowed his head. "I didn't expect you to be here!"
"Oh, so planning to use and abuse my home right?" He queen laughed
in the most annoying way possible and poked him in the ribs. Seymour
winced in annoyance.
"And perhaps later you can join me as I hit the town." She said.
"Erm, what?" Said Seymour.
"Lets go clubbing!" She said excitedly.
Seymour's eyes grew wide. "Erm… I was thinking of erm… well just
sitting in and drinking port… and…"
"I'm your Queen. I can order you if you want." Queen Brittany said,
her voice getting lower and threatening.
"Erm… well… " Seymour really couldn't think of any excuse that was
good enough. He came here just for a quiet relaxing holiday.
"Good, then its agreed. I'll see you tonight. I'm just off out for a
Maccy D's!"
Said the queen, walking off.
<OOC- to be continued. It's a lame place to leave it, but I really
need to go to work!>

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