Bring Me More Ointment

Who: Charles Keto
Where: The Beloved Medibay
Charles Keto was stomping.
He stomped up his office, and down his office. He stomped around the
medibay and across the medibay. He stomped inside the large medical
store and out of the large medical store.
*rustle* said the Tree, who had been precariously leaning in the
corner of the room watching the stomping and wondering why Keto was so
Keto stopped his stomping and raised an eyebrow.
"I would have thought that was highly obvious, even for a shrub like
yourself to work out."
*rustle* guessed the Tree.
"No. But that is now going on my list of things to kill Wildflower
over. Think hard you chloroplast filled waste of space."
The tree was silent for a moment, wilting its branches in thought.
They suddenly all perked up again and the tree bounced happily,
rustling as if in a gale.
"Correct. Only you and I are in the medibay. Leading me to wonder
where on earth my medical crew is?! And what on earth I am supposed
to do if there is a medical emergency!"
Keto stomped again for a further five minutes before coming to a halt
in the middle of the bay.
"I never thought I'd say this but I wish Shakespeare were here."
He placed a hand over his eyes and winced. "That did NOT just come
out of my mouth!" he stated.
The door to the medibay opened, startling Keto and three people came
bustling through; Trisees, Jenny and Wildflower. they hurried to the
nearest medibed and dumped a rucksack and several pieces of metal onto
it and Trisees began sifting through the wreckage.
Jenny took the opportunity to sit at one of the desks.
"Keety! Keety!" Wildflower said, happily bounding over to the chief
medical officer.
"God will you please strike me down where I stand," muttered Keto
"What do you want now woman?" He said, slightly louder.
"Trisees has it! Trisees has it!"
"Has what, what are you talking about now?"
"The power to bring back Shakespeare."
<to be continued>

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