Niples - "A pocket of Bliss and a scotsman"

Who: Seymour Niples
Where: New Ibiza
When: Club "Whipped Cream"
"What a daft name for a club!" Said Seymour as the Queen dragged him
inside the packed nightclub, bypassing the huge queue, which seemed
to go all the way down the street in 2 lines. Probably because it
went all the way around the planet.
Queen Brittany headed straight for the multicoloured dancefloor and
Seymour hung back, getting annoyed by the hundreds of teenagers
pushing and bumping into him. He started to grit his teeth. When he
became a Royal Ambassador, this wasn't what he had in mind.
Although a few months ago, he would have loved this. He had a
personality implant of a surfer dude, to make him more cool. But
he'd soon realised that talking and being nice to all the lower
crewmembers just to be more popular just really wasn't him. He
preferred to shun them all and live on a higher plane, unfortunately
he now wished he was on a higher plane above these annoying partying
A girl in her mid 20's came up and danced next to him.
"Hey, I like the Tux!"
Seymour gritted his teeth. "This is no ordinary tuxedo, it is made
from special rare fibres from a faraway planet, manufactured rather
expensively by the upper class lords of Vreldin 9 with a special
inter-spatial barrier to keep cretins like you away."
The girl raised an eyebrow.
"And coincidentally I probably costs more than your house."
The girl scowled and walked away.
-----in the other side of the club----
Unaware that Seymour was here, or even anywhere near – Amber danced
away in her own little spot in the club.
A man with dodgy teeth walked up to her. Amber scowled at him with
the blackness of her eyes, as if to say "leave me alone".
The man put his hands up in defence, in case he bit his head
off. "Woah missy, I was just wondering if you wanted to buy some
A chord struck inside Amber. She almost panicked. She had had
previous Bliss addiction, but had been clean for a good few weeks
now. She started to sweat at the thought.
She really wanted to say yes to the man, but she also really wanted
to say no. A battle raged in her head, neuron against neuron,
thought vs thought, attacking each other with rusty pitchforks.
The man looked around nervously as Amber wasn't giving him any
answer. He then thrust a small packet into her hand. "Well here's a
small sample… I'll be other there if you want to do business."
Amber felt the sweat trickle down her face. The packet in her hand
felt heavy, it felt painful to touch. She nervously put it in her
pocket and rushed out of the nightclub.
She didn't know what to do… she was guilty. But the packet of Bliss
in her pocket was overpowering, it was almost calling to her. She
panicked and ran to where she and Seymour had Parked the Starbug in
the warm darkness of the evening.
She hid the small packet in a storage locker and slammed the door
shut guiltily. Then she wiped the sweat from her face and ran back
out into the warm night.
---the next morning---
As the day broke, two New Ibizan customs officers approached the
Starbug that had been illegally parked.
They broke open the door and shined a torch around inside. One
checked the hold as the other went through the storage lockers.
The second called to his partner as he discovered a small packet of
bliss stuffed in a locker. They both grinned at the thought of the
raise they'd get.
Then a sudden knocking sound came from above and they looked up.
Something was trying to get out of a storage locker above them.
Cautiously they opened the door to the above compartment and a short
Scottsman wearing a kilt fell out and onto the floor.
"Oh…. Urr… hello!" Said Kotchanski.
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