Back to Reality?

Who: Amber,Where: New IbizaWhen: I dunno~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
---- Snip ----She hid the small packet in a storage locker and slammed the doorshut guiltily. Then she wiped the sweat from her face and ran backout into the warm night.---- End Snip ----
Being in this situation made Amber feel sick, the temptation was too great. She walked back up to the club and confidently strode up to the bouncers.  "Hey, hold it." One said.  "What do you want?" she snapped.  "Everyone gets searched before they go in." The large muscled man said. He patted down Amber and removed the knife that had been concealed in her jacket pocket. "Get your ass outta here." He said, confiscating the knife. It was at this point that someone further down the queue collapsed, the bouncers rushed over to the fallen person who had been propped up against the wall, a knife wound to his chest had killed him. The bouncers whirled around, but Amber was already gone.
She blended through the dancing crowd and sidled up to the bar and persuaded a stranger to buy her a drink. She was nervous, needed something to calm her nerves, she played it cool hoping that no one would notice her. She made her way to the dance floor and back to where she had been stood earlier, in doing so she had taken her eyes off her drink which had been spiked by the guy who bought it for her. She downed the double vodka in one and lost the man on the dance floor. As soon as she was 'alone' she was approached by the dealer, the blackness from the old addiction flared in her eyes.  "Back to do business?" He said in a sly way. Amber thrust a roll of cash into the mans hand. "Pleasure doing business with you." He said handing Amber a packet of she shimmering silver-white Bliss and disappeared into the dancing masses. Amber opened the packet and tipped a small pile into her palm, she sealed the packet and put it in her pocket. She moved the powder around on her palm the shear beauty of the drug had captivated her. She realised at this point she didn't care about trying to be clean, there was no point the drug would always captivate her. It had her in its grasp the shear addictivness of it would have her going back for more if it was offered to her. Nobody can say no to their desires, especially when presented to them on a plate. Amber inhaled the powder quickly and the wave of happiness broke over her like a tidle-wave, the all consuming knowledge that you could do anything, that you were practically God.
Amber woke up on a deserted beach as a wave crashed over her face. She rolled onto her front and crawled out of the water coughing up a mixture of sea water and black goo. She looked like a hooker who had been attacked and dumped in the sea. Her hair hung loose and clung to her face, her clothes were ripped and she had managed to loose her shoes in the night.   "Where am I?" She looked around and saw signs of habitation further up the beach. Struck by a sudden thought she searched her pockets for ID but found nothing. "Who am I?" She mumbled struggling to her feet and walked up the beach, dripping water with her.

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