RE: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Re: *ACTION* Boarding party

Who:- Jack, Jay, and a sneaking Alota
Where:- A darkened corridor of the hymenopteran flagship
"COME ON!!!" Jay hollered insanely "I came down here for a bit of fun but
YOUR RUINING EVERYTHING!...I think I may have to throw a tantrum"
He grabbed the sword out of the wall and hurled it once more in Jack's
direction, it flew between his legs, barely missing his crotch.
Jack, was reluctant to wield a sword again, he'd been seriously hurt before.
Losing one eye and subsequently losing his Phoenix Fire enhanced physical
state, he was an average man now, an average man with less than average
He'd sworn never to use a sword again as long as he lived. And He'd promised
Melissa that he'd given it up for good.
But if he could just DISTRACT Jay long enough for Alota to take him.
Alota had managed to get close enough to Jay to take a dive at him, if she
could get him to the ground, she and Jack HAD HIM...all it needed was a leap
of faith she hurled herself at him, diving forward toward her husband.
Jay didn't even turn around, his right hand reached out behind him, grabbing
Alota by the throat mid-dive. He arced his arm up and over his shoulder,
slamming Alota into the deck plates at Jacks feet.
"YOU!" Jay screamed manically at Alota "You should learn your place!
about a divorce...don't worry, you'll go away with half...or should that be
IN half?" He raised his katana high above his head and sliced it downward
toward the still dazed Alota, Jack acted quickly, and swept the back of
Jay's legs with a roundhouse knocking him to the ground at the last second.
"Thats more like it...mono-vision, starting to grow a backbone at last I
Jack hesitated again. The sword Jay had thrown to him still stuck in the
ground. Jack had to defend his life, and that of his captains...but he
couldnt break his promise to Melissa...besides this was JAY he was fighting,
his superior officer, his colleague, his comrade, his...friend.
"FeBuggure..." said Jay calmly. "Don't make me do to you what the
anti-noptera did to Melissa...."
Jack snapped. His hand moved quicker than it ever had with Phoenix
Fire-reflexes, grabbing the sword and lunging at Jay in one swift movement.
Jay parried easliy, brushing Jack aside. "'Bout time you grew some nuts
Cyclops. about a little fun before I turn that other squishy
little blob of eyeball into a cocktail olive?" He pointed his sword at Jack,
just inches from his single eye, twiddling it.
Jack lunged again, Jay didnt block this so easily, and their swords clashed,
at their chests. Jack and Jay wrestled, staring eye-to-eye socket.
"You're gonna pay're gonna pay for everything"
"Please.." Jay kicked Jack in the stomach, knocking him back a few feet,
enabling him to regain his stance, now, on the offensive he dashed toward
Jack, raising his sword as he ran past, slicing an inch deep gouge into
Jack's side, then once behind him turned and did the same to the backs of
his calves.
Jack reacted quickly, stabbing his sword backwards, through the right-leg of
Jays trousers and gouging deep into the flesh.
"Thats what I'm talking about Jacky-boy!" Jay taunted "Bloodshed! Cruel,
pointless, bloodshed!"
Jay was like a man posessed, and he was clearly enjoying this Jack withdrew
his blade from Jays leg and swung again, Jay blocking his swipe with his
katana and punching Jack clean in the face with his right hand.
Jack staggered backwards, so Jay took his opportunity and kicked Jack hard
in the ribs, kncoking him to the ground where he kicked him several more
times hard in the chest.
"I'd kill you both here" Jay said "But I want you both to see what you've
brought upon the Space Corp by trying to stop's not like I didn't
warn you..."
Jack clambered slowly to his feet, as did Alota. "We're not giving up yet.."
Alota said, drawing a gun on Jay.
"Oh?" Jay replied he clicked his fingers, the lights in the corridor
flickered into life revealing hordes of Hymenoptera soldiers, one group
holding Harris captive.
"I don't need to tell you what will happen if you kill me" Jay said "Do you
really want to risk the lives of both you, these two idiots" he said this
gesturing at Jack and Chris "AND the Blue Dwarf out of revenge? would
only take me a thought to have the big blue one torn apart from the insdie
out by my army...not forgetting what they'd do to you"
Alota lowered her weapon.
"Atta girl!" Jay patronised. "Now..get off of my ship...and remember, when
you watch the news feeds coming in about the destruction of New
Ibiza...rememeber thats it's your fault..."
With that the hymenoptera shoved the Blue Dwarf crew back to the shuttle

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