Efof - "Meet the fleet"

A few minutes later, the Raven docked with the 'Flying Circus' and
once it's occupants had left, the Raven thundered off
into 'deep'deep space, the last known co-ordinates of the defected
Lt Cmd Jay Chrysler.
<end snip>
Who: Efof, MK7, Dean and KatZ
Where: In the Raven
When: After they Dock
The `Flying circus' was sucked into the Raven's hold and the crew of
3 waited for it to depressurise before getting out.
Dean met them at the gantry, having left the ship on autopilot (a
more trusty solution that letting Dean continue to drive). Efof
shook Dean's hand and thanked him for saving them, then MK7 did the
same with his tiny little metal claws.
"So who's this?" Dean said, nodding to Katz.
Efof looked around and shrugged, then went to the cockpit.
"I'm Katz." She said. "I used to know MK6."
"7!" Said MK7 annoyed.
"Oh er…. Nice to meet you!" Said Dean, shaking her hand. He was a
bit confused as to why she was there, but didn't want to say
anything as MK7 looked very uncomfortable in her presence. There was
tension in the air, and MK7 whispered to him quietly. "Don't worry.
I'll get rid of her!"
They all went up to the cockpit and Dean set the Raven to join the
other Blue Dwarf away team at the last known location of Jay's
Hymenoptera mothership. Hopefully they could nip this war in the bud
by getting Jay back to normal.
After 20mins of flying there was an eery silence in the cockpit.
With KatZ there it was incredibly uncomfortable.
Dean broke the silence when he flew through the next star
system. "Look!" he pointed out into space, where there was a long
line of ships moving slowly. They were all Space Corps ships, large
ones, small ones, battleships, troop transports, fighter wings and
artillery support ships.
"Why are all these ships here?" Asked Efof.
"It's the front line." Said Dean, checking scanners. "They're
protecting Earth controlled territory against the attacking
"Oh." Said Efof. "Then why are they moving?"
"They're trying to push forward. They're going to meet the
Hymenoptera half-way."
"Oh" said Efof, and went back to playing with his fingers.
"Maybe we should stay with the fleet. At least we'd be safer with
backup." said MK7, starting to worry. If the Hymenoptera had as many
ships as the Space Core, they would be in great trouble if they met
the Hymenoptera fleet on their own.
"Theres not enough time to wait for all these slow moving ships!"
Said Dean. "If we get to the mothership soon we can get jay before
there's any fighting."
"But won't the mothership be protected by the fleet?" Asked MK7.
"Just trust my driving." Said Dean. "I'll get us there!"
Efof reached for a JMC sickbag.
Dean took a shortcut through a thick green nebula to the side of the
fleet. He hoped they could slip by the fleet completely unseen.
The green nebula was like green soup, literally.
"I can't see anything!" Said Efof. "Are you sure you can drive
through this?"
Dean shot him a glance that Efof knew meant to shut his Ffionian gob.
They continued through the pea soup for nearly half an hour before a
dark shadow became more visible up in front.
"Whats that?" Asked Efof.
"Good question." Said Dean.
MK7 zoomed in with his digital vision. "It's a turret. A bloody big
"Oooh!" Said Efof, this had added extra interest to his day.
"Ours of theirs?" Asked Dean.
MK7 looked closer. "Its definitely theirs, its covered in cobwebs
and spiders the size of horses."
"Nice!" Said Efof.
"No not nice!" Said Dean. "Because if it's a hidden weapons
platform, the Space Corps fleet behind us are going to stumble
straight into its line of fire! We have to warn them!"
"Or we could do something about it…" Said Efof, eager to stretch his
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