"Meet the Fleet eh?" Not likely

"No. Not Nice!" said Dean. "Because if it's a hidden weapons platform, the Space Corps fleet behind us are going to stumble straight into its line of fire! We have to warn them!"
"Or we could do something about it..." said Efof, eager to stretch his legs.
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"Or.." pointed out Mk 7, quite reasonably, "we could just sit, chat, and watch as our craft thunders towards a defence emplacement."
Dean glared, but made the requisite adjustments. The Raven slowed and sat in space, still in the pea soup, which was evidently interfering with the turrets sensors and making it difficult for them to be discovered.
"Right. I'm pulling this thing over until we've thought of something" said the Navigation department's second in command.
"Oh dear." said Efof, "he's pulling rank. Never a good sign."
"Yeah, I am. And..that makes me head of Navigation since Jay has gone AWOL."
Mk7 beat his head off the wall. "We're doomed."
"That as may be..." said Dean grimly, "we're doomed, but we can save the Space Corps fleet behind us from being doomed too."
Katz sat in awe: "Inspiring."
"Thanks." said Dean,
"Well, it'd have been more effective without the spinach between your teeth though."
"Aww... man!" Dean exclaimed, running his tongue around his teeth. "Better?"
A bit more rummaging took place.
"You got it."
Dean did a quick rendition of the touch-up shuffle to celebrate his mastery of dental hygiene.
Everyone else looked away.
"So. Right. Decision time guys. What are we going to do? Sit here, blow it up, or warn the others?"
"I vote warn." said Katz.
"I don't even know who you are." admitted Dean, embarrased, "but.." he regained his composure, "it does mean that you only get a half-vote."
Mk7 voted for the violent option and Efof just giggled.
"Let's go and bomb something back to the stone age!" said Dean, walking towards the cockpit again.
"Technically we can only bomb humans back to the stone age. I doubt these spider-beasts had a stone age at all." said Mk7.
"Oh hush. Let's blow stuff up." said Dean, letting out a Texan whoop.
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