This should be interesting

Mk7 voted for the violent option and Efof just giggled.
"Let's go and bomb something back to the stone age!" said Dean,
walking towards the cockpit again.
"Technically we can only bomb humans back to the stone age. I doubt
these spider-beasts had a stone age at all." said Mk7.
"Oh hush. Let's blow stuff up." said Dean, letting out a Texan whoop.
<end snip>
The Raven swooped in suprisingly smoothly as the massive defence
platform came into view, and slowly filled up the entire viewscreen.
"Jesus, this thing is HUGE!" said Mk.7 smirking and patting Dean on
the back.
"Yeah, I noticed" said Dean smirking also
"So, what form of destruction were you thinking, Mr.Dean? Tight
orbit whilst dropping a constant stream of bombs?"
"Hmm..." thought Dean
"Or fire a couple dozen volleys of missiles from a distance?"
"Or even a mixture of both."
"Well, it all sounds so nice." said Dean, feeling his more
evil/psychotic side shine through in the presence of the little
"Your both ill" said KatZ holding her head in her hands.
"Quiet you, were talking about wonton destruction here." said Mk.7
"Hold on guys, I have a sensor trace here." said Dean sitting up
noticing the blip on the radar scope.
"It's Alotta's Starbug! Open a radio channel." said Mk.7
"Alotta, is that you?" said Dean
"Dean? Yeah, its me. We tried to capture Jay, but to no avail."
"Well, we plan to bomb the smeg out of that structure, so if you
wanna save Jay, I suggest we use our combined force to try again."
said Mk.7 sounding slightly dissapointed that the large explosion he
was hoping to create would have to wait."
"Alright, what would you suggest?" asked Alotta.
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