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transformers the movie dude! what else!

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"Well, we plan to bomb the smeg out of that structure, so if you wanna save Jay, I suggest we use out combined force to try again", said Mk.7 sounding slightly disappointed that the large explosion he was hoping to create would have to wait."
"Alright what do you suggest?" asked Alota
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MK.7 fielded an idea about going back in and shelling the place,
“It’s to dangerous”, Alota said back over the communications,
 “As you can’t come up with a plausible idea to do this I will forget the whole idea”, she paused and thought looking at Jack and Chris,
“How are you two about going on a shoot to kill mission?” she asked,
“Sounds good”, Jack said a few bruises starting to appear on his face.
Alota nodded then turned back to the communications console
“Dean, turn the ship around, head back to the Blue dwarf take the ship out of this section of the quadrant, run security checks and make the hell sure any foreign bodies are disposed of carefully”, she sighed
“Information received from Jay Chrysler former lieutenant commander of the JMC Blue Dwarf is that he will shoot the Blue dwarf from the sky if we go after him, the best thing to do is to take it out of his line of fire and drive something into that weapon”.
She cut out communication and turned to the other two crew members,
“We’re going to drive this shuttle into that weapon rendering it useless”, she pulled schematics up on the screen,
“The shuttle was installed with separation points so it will split”
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