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She cut out communication and turned to the other two crew members,
"We're going to drive this shuttle into that weapon rendering it useless",
she pulled schematics up on the screen,
"The shuttle was installed with separation points so it will split"
<end snip>
Chris had sat in silence throughout most of the journey, his fiance's last
words echoing through his mind. A lone tear trickled down his cheek as he
sat in the cockpit, contemplating his next move. He stood up for the first
time since he had sat down upon returning from the mission, to kill Jay, he
hadn't got what he wanted, he hadn't got revenge.
His foot made a resounding thud as he glared at the screen.
"And what about Jay?" he asked, dismissing the flicker of anger in his
"What about Jay?" replied Alota, "So long as the weapon is destroyed
everything will be alright" she finished sternly.
"Excuse me?" replied Chris, "But unless I'm VERY much mistaken, it sounded
like you weren't planning to go after Jay".
"That would be right, we go after him he'll tear us to shreds"
"HE'S ALREADY TORN MY LIFE TO SHREADS!" shouted Chris, more to himself than
Alota, the muscles in his face tensing as he uttered the words.
"Listen Chris..." said Jack, intervening, to save any trouble occuring.
"No, YOU listen to ME FeBuggre! And before you start the court-marshalling
crap on me for insulting a superior officer, I dont give a smeg!" he said,
Breathing heavily, and shooting a look of pure venom at Jack. "That man is
as good as the reason that my Fiance and your step-sister is dead! Had he
not decided to abandon us on that planet, she would have been able to
recieve medical treatment more swiftly, and she would not be dead!"
The Anger in his voice continued to rise with every word that escaped from
his mouth.
"Do NOT expect me to sit back here and allow him to get away so easily, I
WILL have my vengence!" he shouted, turning on his heel and making to march
out of the cockpit before discarding a chain that he had worn around his
neck, gifted to him by Kanako the Christmas before.
"I have no soul" he said quietly, and storming out of the cockpit.
<tag...Jack or Alota>
OOC - Bear in mind Chris is blaming Jay for Kanako's death because he
buggered off on the planet while your reading this.
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